Some suggestions to the game(pistols/grenades and screen stretching)

I am a great fan of helldivers. It is one of my most played game on steam. But I do have some problems with it.

One of those problems is how the pistols and the grenade perks are perks. I think you should be able to select your grenades (and pistols if you have the DLC for them) in the equipment select screen. I think this because the other pistols and grenades are much more fun than the normal ones but I don’t what to have to chose between a different pistol or grenade or multi-turain boots.

Another problem for me is how in multi player games the screen stretches instead of each helldiver having their own personal screen. It is bothersome because when people are not moving with the group it makes everyone mad. It would make the team play beater because when the screen stretches it is harder to see enemy patrols coming. Also it would let you be able to focus on yourself more because you have your personal screen. If you are playing local coop just use split screen.

These are some things I think should be changed in helldivers.

The way I see it, they are all mini versions of things you can get via stratagems, so to have them on every respawn is actually really strong. You’re right though, it is a shame that it replaces the multi-terrain boots.

This camera is a staple for Arrowhead, they have done this for every co-op game they have made and while it’s frustrating at times, especially with enemy patrols on harder difficulties, at least you have the minimap which only takes a second or so to check.
Also with people stuck together, it’s easier for everyone to get the benefit of stratagems.
I know what you mean about people not moving with the group though :)

thanks for the input and i did not know that the screen stretching is in the other coop games.

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