Something has the Bugs all riled up

Would you like to know more?


Wonderful. That’s what happens when you allow Behemoths to copulate/evolve on Snow Planet for thousands of years. :grin: :hd_bugs:

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lvl 15 very hard :smile:

Epic screenshot
I think i have an idea of how that ended though…;

It’s dangerous to go alone

Made me reach out to my primo selection of Helldivers friends (those that could play on Steam), get them to install the update, join up with me and go right back in there.

There is safety in numbers for both sides :sunglasses:

You made it all the way to extraction solo though!? :smiley:


It took close to 25 minutes because of Disarm Unexploded Ordinance and a few other tough objectives to solo, but yes.

This was from before the New Hell got toned down substantially.