[Sony news] Sony Officially Ends PlayStation Vita Production


Yeah, I know, what? I thought Vita was dead years ago? Well, arguably, Helldivers’ Vita version – which sold me on the Vita platform in 2015 – was the only truly great game on the platform (Resogun Vita was fine), even if tossing grenades via back-touchpad swipes was the worst control idea in the history of handheld gaming (don’t get me started :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

It bummed me that Sony didn’t bother to update some true PSP classics such as Killzone: Liberation to use the 2nd thumbstick and touchpad features on Vita.

It still annoys me that a lot of what Switch did as a handheld Vita already did. But I always felt like PSP and Vita were treated as red headed stepchildren. Dev teams that worked on PSP games just wanted to move on to PS3 and then PS4 development. Vita seemed no different. I’d hoped for TONS of awesome twin stick shooters on Vita; we got Helldivers. That was about it.

To me the sad thing is even today with NS Switch, every single game I play, the post every single forum is “when are you doing a Switch version?” And I’m like, “Why don’t you ask for games specifically made for your favorite platform – Switch – instead of ports of games designed for other platforms?” What’s the point of playing watered down handheld versions of games designed for more powerful platforms? I know you can play them on a TV, but it doesn’t seem like that’s how most gamers use it.

Anyway. I’ve been cranky about Vita for 4 years. So long, neglected platform. It’s a shame in retrospect that Arrowhead had to spend so much extra time optimizing a Helldivers version for a then (2015) amazing handheld that really had no future. :sob: Helldivers was, in retrospect, Vita’s Last Hurrah. :broken_heart:


Not sure if this is mentioned in the article, but physical copies of games stopped in February so it was only a matter of time before the systems stopped being made… still one of my favorite handhelds made, rip Vita thank you for many experiences both good and bad.