[Sony news] Sony Officially Ends PlayStation Vita Production

Yeah, I know, what? I thought Vita was dead years ago? Well, arguably, Helldivers’ Vita version – which sold me on the Vita platform in 2015 – was the only truly great game on the platform (Resogun Vita was fine), even if tossing grenades via back-touchpad swipes was the worst control idea in the history of handheld gaming (don’t get me started :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

It bummed me that Sony didn’t bother to update some true PSP classics such as Killzone: Liberation to use the 2nd thumbstick and touchpad features on Vita.

It still annoys me that a lot of what Switch did as a handheld Vita already did. But I always felt like PSP and Vita were treated as red headed stepchildren. Dev teams that worked on PSP games just wanted to move on to PS3 and then PS4 development. Vita seemed no different. I’d hoped for TONS of awesome twin stick shooters on Vita; we got Helldivers. That was about it.

To me the sad thing is even today with NS Switch, every single game I play, the post every single forum is “when are you doing a Switch version?” And I’m like, “Why don’t you ask for games specifically made for your favorite platform – Switch – instead of ports of games designed for other platforms?” What’s the point of playing watered down handheld versions of games designed for more powerful platforms? I know you can play them on a TV, but it doesn’t seem like that’s how most gamers use it.

Anyway. I’ve been cranky about Vita for 4 years. So long, neglected platform. It’s a shame in retrospect that Arrowhead had to spend so much extra time optimizing a Helldivers version for a then (2015) amazing handheld that really had no future. :sob: Helldivers was, in retrospect, Vita’s Last Hurrah. :broken_heart:

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Not sure if this is mentioned in the article, but physical copies of games stopped in February so it was only a matter of time before the systems stopped being made… still one of my favorite handhelds made, rip Vita thank you for many experiences both good and bad.

Gonna miss it for sure, it never really managed to climb to the same heights as Nintendos better handhelds but, it definitely deserved a better fate. The Vita sold strong (and is still selling kinda strong) in Japan for many years but was almost dead on arrival in the west.
It feels like it was the first handheld that offered a “console” kind of experience, combined with a line-up of indie and digital games that almost made it into a handheld mini-Steam, a combothat the Switch would later capitalize big time on. Similar in many ways to some of Sega’s old consoles that was released with a bang to compete but died way too early, the Vita was probably too much ahead of it’s time for it’s own good : <

I wonder if Sony will ever give handheld another try though… feels like they should, but then again that’s a big investment, and with the mobile market eating up what used to be the handheld market quite a bit, it feels more and more unlikely… : / Good try, though!


I feel like in the end, Switch is Nintendo’s primary gaming platform period. So they’ve put everything behind it.

Vita was never going to be that for Sony. PS3 and then PS4 would always be the company’s priority. I guess I understand it. It just became, why bother playing in that space (handhelds) if it’s not ever really going to be the company’s focus?

I just wish they would’ve put a little effort into modernizing PSP titles to make use of the Vita’s 2nd thumbstick, at the least (I have a mammoth library of PSP titles).

Also, in retrospect, the Vita’s back-touchpad was so completely useless – they might’ve skipped it and ended up with a slightly more affordable handheld.

After Reading this discussion i searched for the Vita. I really found it an interesting Concept.Just don’t understand why the Sony ended such games!
Sony should come up with something more interesting then Vita or else it might loose its shares after dissatisfying its users.

The Vita continues to get new games, but not from Sony and at this point they also don’t make any more new Vita to sell.

Anybody interested in something like the Vita at this point should really just consider getting the Nintendo Switch.

At least until Sony comes out with a new portable follow-up to Vita themselves

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My jaded take as someone with two mothballed PSPs and a Vista is Sony and the devs themseves never saw Vita as a viable “full” console handheld platform. I saw this during PSP when some of the devs of my fave PSP games jumped to PlayStation PS2 or PS3 titles as soon as they could, and never went back to PSP game development. Probably the revenue just wasn’t there.

I mean, for Nintendo, Switch is their main console. It’s not a red headed Stepchild to a “full” Nintendo console, so NS doesn’t treat Switch that way. And I know few people who rave about connecting Switch to their TV. It’s all about its portability for the most part.

I guess I had my fun and shouldn’t think of it as wasted money. I do wish I’d traded in my PSP discs at Gamestop for cash or credit when they were still worth something other than as paperweights. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, I supposed Arrowhead’s secret game whenever it comes out (2025? 2030? never?) will benefit from not needing to support a Vista or PS3 version.

Nintendo is Japan centric where portable gaming has always been more popular so even while they had really successful home console like Wii, they never let off on making sure their portable system (DS, 3DS, etc) remained highly successful as well.

Meanwhile Sony is more concerned with North America and Europe so it mainly focuses on the home console market. That said, Sony likes to dip it’s toes in everything to give Sony fans some alternative to any competitor. This is why they follow GBA success with PSP and DS success with Vita and Wii success with the Move and why they have PSVR even as Microsoft and Nintendo let that mainly take shape for PC gamers.

To Sony credit, I did get my monies worth on the Vita (never got the PSP) even if it wasn’t at the level they supported the struggling PS3 to make that an overall success. The PS4 needed less extra attention from them because Microsoft screwed up the launch of Xbox One trying to push DRM and other stuff very unpopular on PC into console space.

It’s all very interesting how consoles (portable or otherwise) are more or less popular and how each platform company goes out of their way to support it regardless (like how did Nintendo treat Wii U despite its struggles vs how Sony treated Vita with its struggles)

In the end, the main thing for me is that all of those systems individually get more interesting quality games than I have time to play. Whether they are considered successful or not depends on many more people than me getting good value out of it.

Someday I’ll dust off the Vita and check if anything I missed is worth downloading :slight_smile:

I still wish Sony would’ve revamped some more of the cooler PSP titles to use the 2nd thumbstick and touchscreen controls; and maybe “HD remastered” them for Vita. Some of my faves on PSP were:

Killzone Liberation (isometric blaster; not a million miles from what Helldivers would be :slight_smile:

SOCOM Tactical Strike (while it looked visually like a squad Ghost Recon game, it was more like a cool squad real time tactical strategy game)

I played Killzone Liberation on the PS-Vita. It kept the original control scheme that felt really weird at first but it was still a good game.