[spinoff game concept] HELLDIVERS: INSURRECTION


Another concept bouncing around my brain is inspired by Arrowhead’s hiring for “friendly AI” devs for the secret new game. Also by an ability in the Star Trek Online MMORPG called “Away Team.” This let you call in a pair of phaser-equipped Red Shirt security guards to fight alongside you for a limited period of time. Really cool to see, but they wouldn’t take over the game per se. :sunglasses:

So one idea that’s more a stratagem…

Insurgent Reinforcements Stratagem

  • This air drops in a beacon which contacts the Super Earth Insurgents Underground Network for reinforcements. Maybe you hear a string of morse code beeps to indicate this. :slight_smile:
  • Four (or six, or some other number, we’d figure it out in testing :sunglasses:) ragged, friendly insurgent troops then emerge quickly from nearby storefronts or building entrances near the Helldivers forces.
  • For game balance sake, the reinforcements aren’t heavily armed – so they carry a random mix of things like rudimentary pistols, rifles, shotguns and SMGs.
  • They do decent damage together, but aren’t heavily armored. I wouldn’t want 'em to take over the game It’s more like you’d be able to call in a “cannon fodder” type friendly AI squad to help out in a jam for a little bit. And this would help get across the concept that the Helldivers remnants are working in conjunction with the Super Earth civilians to regain control from the space alien factions. :slight_smile:
  • I’ve toyed with the idea that they would either be temporary – perhaps time based (30 secs, 60 secs etc.) or maybe they just run low on ammo – then they run back into nearby buildings to protect the existence of the insurgent network (so they don’t want to be taken prisoner). I think if it was contingent on the reinforcements’ health dropping below a certain level, then if you did well, you might drag the reinforcements around forever.
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I also have an ending cutscene. Now I’m ripping off the LOTR: Return of the King movie ending.

Ending Cutscene for Successful Campaign
Takes place in the Super Earth main city square. A mix of Helldivers, Super Earth Insurgent forces and civilians are celebrating.

The insurgent forces and civilians start kneeling around the Helldivers squadron and praising them for saving Super Earth.

“No, no, no!” a Helldiver exclaims. “We all saved Super Earth together. And now we’ll all rebuild it… together!” Cheers rise up from the crowd.

The other Helldivers, insurgent forces and civilians shake hands, do high fives, embrace and hug each other as fireworks go on overhead.

A civilian girl tugs at the leg armor of the Helldiver who spoke.
“Yes. What is it, little one?” the Helldiver asks, looking down at her.
“Are we really going to rebuild Super Earth?” she asks.
“You better believe it!”
“As good as new?” she asks.
The Helldiver gently picks up the girl and cradles her in his battle-scarred armor-plate covered arms. They both look up into the sky as evac aircraft continue to drop in mid-air fireworks.
“As good as new, child. As good as new.” :heart_eyes:

The original Helldivers opening menu theme music plays.

Game credits roll. End scene. :slight_smile:

Alternate Ending:
A huge number of drop pods drop in to the Super Earth city square area, crushing all the celebrants in sight. Out pop a large number of Helldivers in new uniforms.

“Hey, we’re the new recruits! Did somebody call for us?”
They gaze around at the death and destruction.
“Oh ****! We got the wrong coordinates. Again! Frank!! Frank? What the **** did you do???” :joy:

The original Helldivers opening menu theme music plays.

Game credits roll. End scene. :slight_smile:


While I get this is an old thread… You could keep the reinforcement the same. Just have them launched from like a pod artillery from a secret base off site or a special cloning/training facility? I still dunno if its just several helldivers they send out or they clone the hell out of you for when you die. Either way… Its just a thought

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I’m late for this thread but I got an idea for the reinforcement mechanic that might go well with your idea.

I think it’s okay to have some surviving capital ships operating on stealth mode to make some kind of strategem support drop possible. Resurrection should be via resuscitation kit which will take time to administer and also with limited supplies for each mission.

That’ll make it necessary to cover fire or pick up the body until there’s a safe time to resuscitate a fallen diver.

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