I’ve posted up a proposal in the Suggestions forum for an alternate method of segregating toxic trolls from the vast majority of ordinary “good faith” players by matching up players based on the number of times they have kicked or have been kicked.

Thus, there is no need for Commends or Reports or Standing. It would be far more automatic than now, and it would solve the problem of not being able to report a toxic host that kicked all the other team members just before extraction, thus denying them XP and rewards.


I find it so complicated, man. Game is not under development anymore, so implementing some punishments like -XP is unreal.

Extending the standing duration would solve it all imo.


I must admit that the majority of reports I have received have been due to players who wanted to stick it to me, for whatever reason, and not because I was disruptive, or destroying their game. This is the result of providing this opportunity, and having an honor system in place to regulate its use.
Coincidentally perhaps, reports didn’t start coming in until I began posting here…!
So, the real question then is this: are reports primarily for players to vent their inner nasty, or are they generally levelled against the deserving?
The kick command is similar, in that I’ve seen it used as a way to stick it to others, so the same question applies here as well…
Thus, the issue is pertinent, and has implications beyond HD, for future game design.
I don’t believe that closing down the conversation, because the game is no longer in development is productive. Speaking personally, I don’t have the answers, nor do I think I’m alone with this, but if anything, this is all the more reason to air this topic.
Perhaps someone should start a topic where we report our worst games and our best in the same post?
It might be cathartic.


@RangerRen, If it’s about “worst games” just have in mind no witch hunts. This applies not only to targeting players by name, but also to naming and shaming by members of this community.


If what you’re implying is true, then I would be really disappointed in the Helldivers community.


If the implication is that it’s by other people posting here in opposition. I’d be surprised anyone cared to that degree, but I don’t believe in any correlation there anyway. I for one don’t even play on the same platform, and haven’t played much with non-friends anyway. I happen to know same goes for someone else.

If the the implication is referring to just readers, then yeah I have no idea. Again, I’d just be more surprised anyone even actually cared.


OK guys,
Please do NOT take this into the territory you are threatening to enter.
I hoped that it might be possible to discuss less than cheerful issues with the possibility of balancing them by including their opposite. Apparently this is not the case, so kindly shelve this suggestion.
Good gaming to all.


Please don’t necro.


Necro ?
You guys have a talent for turning enquiry into nonsense.
Friggin amazing


I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, so here’s a definition:

Any post or comment made on a forum thread that is very old, e.g., a thread with the last comment being several months old.

This type of posting is often done by those who may have stumbled across a thread using search without realizing no one has been actively talking in the thread.

Necroposting is looked down upon among the forum community because it is bad forum etiquette to reply to a discussion that has already ended.


Could we please not do this? This doesn’t serve any purpose other than further derail this discussion. :wink:

Personally, I don’t think that commenting 1 week after the last comment was posted in a discussion constitutes “necroing” a thread.


And, unfortunately, these forums aren’t quite active enough yet for necroing to actually be a serious issue. Hopefully that changes soon


While I agree with that, there’s adding to the discussion and then there’s… whatever that was. I’d like to keep it clean too, and we’re starting to toe the line a bit.


Guys, can you just stop? This topic is not about some necro, or any shit you are discussing right now! I though this comunnity is fresh and healthy. Instead, you are just making a mess here.

Please lock this topic, or just delete every garbage posted here (including this)


People discuss because it’s a forum Vali. No matter if it’s off-topic or not. Can you explain why Community is not “fresh and healthy”? If I’m not wrong that’s how every community works around the world.

Honestly, it’s the best Community so far in my entire life. Great and Friendly people and very helpful…calm down and think twice next time, take care.


There is a difference between offtopic and shitposting. And I’m not in mood of explaining anything. So far we have seen:

-Complaining about necroing
-Difining what necroing is
-Discussing if it really is / is not necroing
-Discussing forum activity in connection to necroing
-Complaining about spam in this topic (me)
-Negotiating and commending Arrowhead community
-Summarizing what have we seen (this post)

Every other post from now is just determined to be out.

So… YOPG, Im more than sure, that you tend to continue in discussing the community defining what “shitposting” is, then discussing my negativity and I don’t know what else. But if noone stops it, this thread will be filled with 30 pages of nonsences.

So do me the favor and lock this thread. All questions have already been answered and you guys are just going to completely transform it or spoil it.


Well… I don’t know how you define “right now”, but it seems like people have been willing to “just stop” since a week ago.


Going to lock this, it’s not adding to the discussion anymore. Please do not continue this in other threads, what’s been said here has been said, it doesn’t need repeating ^^