State of the game and looking to the future

Hey there. I’ve been playing Helldivers for the better part of four years now, and I’ve been wondering if this game is abandoned or not. I never really kept up with news about development or anything of the sort and I was simply curious if development would continue of if this masterpiece of a co-op shooter has been dropped entirely.

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I wouldn’t say it’s been abandoned!

But to answer your question, no major updates are expected for Helldivers, at least by me.
The most we’ll get is a Liberty Day (Oct 26th) patch with one or two weapons, or some balancing.
Currently Arrowhead is working on their new title which we only know as Testament, so all development resources are dedicated to that as far as I know.

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2020 was the first year with no content update for Liberty Day. But Arrowhead was nice enough to let us know there would be nothing. No high expectation, no disappointement. :stuck_out_tongue:

As 9.0 said, they’re currently working on a top-secret-megaton new title since… who the hell knows. XD

Only that mysterious screenshot to play the guess game:

Looks like an alien planet to me. pepe