[Steam] BlackjackGT's "Twin-Stix" Community Group & Twin-Stick Shooters "Curator Page"



This is off-topic but is sort of Helldivers-related. So I really wanted to do a Steam Curator page for twin-stick shooters (others have already done so, but they’re not me :grinning:). I’d created this “Twin-Stix” Steam Community Group back in 2016 but done nothing with it.

To create a Curator Page in the Steam Store, you need to have started a community group; and then the Curator Page needs at least 10 reviews – these can be excerpts that then link to your full Steam store review; or you can just write about 100 characters of text, a blurb either recommending or not recommending a game, or just being “informational.” I’ve found the latter helpful for marking upcoming games. Hopefully Arrowhead’s next game some year will be on my list. :slight_smile:

If it interests you, check out the:

Twin-Stix Community Group here:

Or my related Twin-Stix Steam Curator page here:

Twin-Stix Curator Page: Black,jackGT’s Reviews of Twin-Stick Shooters
*My reviews there are a mix of linking to old ones I did (some are thorough, some not); some short blurbs for games I haven’t gotten around to a proper review of; and “Informational” for upcoming games in the genre that interest me. Again, hopefully Arrowhead will make an “Informational” appearance for its new game some year. :slight_smile:

Note that on the Curator page, I can’t really control the order of the games listed (I wish I could order it by date of release etc. as default). Helldivers is on a 2nd page because it’s one of the first that I added there. It is in a place of prominence in my “Twin-Stick Shooters Hall of Fame” and my “Online Co-op Twin Stick Shooters” lists that I manually set up there. :grinning: Gauntlet’s also on my list even if arguably only the Elf truly fits in the “twin stick shooter” category.

It’s fun to work on. I don’t really even worry about how many followers I have (so far just a few Steam pals). If this was 1998, I’d probably be working on a fan site about the same general topic, and maybe a separate one on Helldivers itself. :slight_smile: I love the genre in general. I know some Helldivers fans just don’t have interest in the broader twin-stick category; that’s fine, but I think if we want to suggest things for Helldivers, it does help to play other games in this genre and see what other developers are doing.

If it interests you, please check it out. Follow my Curator page only if you don’t mind me cluttering your Steam news feed with my occasional blathering or new reviews. :slight_smile: These show up as “Twin-Stix says so and so,” not “BlackjackGT babbles.” :zipper_mouth_face:

If you join the Steam Community Group, I’ll make an occasional announcement when a new twin-stick shooter releases. I may also use it to help announce any further updates Helldivers gets. And of course any new Arrowhead game announcement. Have I mentioned that enough times? :slight_smile:


This is all very good you have Alien Swarm and Cactus in there. I was wondering if you’ve played Wild Buster as its not available in my region, alas I feel its more of a hack’n’slash too though. I have a curator page too but its more a personal list of must plays.


Thanks, hmm, I’ve not heard of Wildbuster. It seems more Diablo with an MMO bent but that certainly interests me and I wishlisted it, thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m very keen on a little roguelike twin-stick Synthetik due out March 15 (10 expansive levels, 2-player online co-op offered). It’s by a tiny German dev team (duo). Interestingly, they chose to do their early access development process on a smaller games store/service itch.io, although the game was successfully “Greenlit” on Steam and will release on both stores/services.

I don’t pretend to know every twin-stick shooter on Steam; feels like I learn about a new one every other day from folks on my Steam friends list. :slight_smile: A bud I met playing Helldivers (named Halo) alerted me to this interesting upcoming zombie slaughterfest BigDay; although it “looks” to me like an isometric twin-stick, I’ve asked the Chinese dev in the Steam forum if it really plays that way. It might be more of a Diablo “click to move, click to kill, click to loot” games. I love that genre too, but this twin-stick shooter angle is more what I wanted to pursue as Curator.

I tried to limit it mine to overhead and isometric twin-stick games – there are lots of interesting side scrollers and platformers that feel “twin-stick” but I wanted to avoid biting off more than I can chew.

Most of the games I’m listing on the curator page I played and reviewed at some point. Some twin-sticks I just can’t get very good at (Housemarque’s arcader Nex Machina; and the higher difficulty modes of 10Ton’s Tesla vs. Lovecraft). So I struggle a bit with whether I should recommend and/or fully review something I haven’t completed on higher difficulty modes (Tesa vs. Lovecraft) or that I can hardly progress in at all (Nex Machina). So for the curator page I only put an “informational” listing for Nex Machina, and a “recommendation blurb” for TvL.

Although I’ve reviewed 54 games on Steam, I struggle with writing longer ones. I’m a journalist in real life (I don’t write about games alas, I’m usually writing about chemicals and such), so you think I’d enjoy doing that. I’m kind of enjoying with the Curator page just writing shorter “quick take” Recommendations or Informational stuff.

I’m fine with a small audience I guess. I did little fan sites for games back in the day when elbow grease HTML and javascript made a decent fan site – on Blue Byte’s strategy game Incubation, Delphine’s ARPG Darkstone and some military squad shooters and stuff. If you get a big audience for a fan site, it’s fun but then it becomes a job and sometimes every other visitor starts criticizing your ‘work.’ So maybe with my curator page, it’s more fun just to do it for the benefit of a few pals. :slight_smile:

The dream is I can keep it going and some day when Arrowhead’s ready and allowed to announced its next game, I can make an announcement about it on the Curator page too. :):sunglasses:


A few top down twin stick shooters i would recommend that are available on steam are.
Filthy Lucre
Enter the Gungeon
X-Morph: Defense
Alien Breed trilogy
And if you want to make an exception to the ‘Top Down’ aspect - RIVE (pure isometric twin stick action)


I stunk at RIVE and think I refunded it (got stuck early on). Ruiner intrigued me though lot of players indicated it was more effective to just play it as a melee brawler rather than shooter.

I like JYDGE and recommended it though I feel like it’s basically repurposing the (imho) superior Neon Chrome’s assets to some extent. The customizations/unlocks are neat, I just miss having procedurally generated maps, and the medals/unlocks system tends to require replaying the same maps repeatedly.

I loved the Alien Breed games in the day. I’m not sure they’ve aged well graphically, but the few maps you could play 2 player co-op on were a blast.

I keep revisiting Enter the Gungeon, but I’m just not very good at it. :slight_smile:
Enjoyed X-Morph Defense though it really seems more like a tower defense game with a cool twin-stick aerial blaster embedded within it.

I just couldn’t get into Filthy Lucre for some reason.


Also did you know about: http://store.steampowered.com/app/563560/Alien_Swarm_Reactive_Drop/ apparently thats where everyone goes now…


Ruiner adapts to your playstyle so you can go melee, ranged or a mix of the two. I personally used the guns more than the melee weapons but have seen others play differently so you’re gonna get out of it whatever you want.
For top down brawler i would think more along the lines of Redeemer but even that has gun combat.


@BlackjackGT how could you forget the OG: Alien Shooter?


Because I never played it? :slight_smile: And c’mon, you guys can’t back seat drive my curator page and choices unless you join my Steam community group and/or click the Follow button on my curator page. :slight_smile:

Conceivably I could get other folks involved and maybe link to their reviews on games I haven’t played and/or reviewed.

I’m busy with my job during the week and probably weekends is when I’ll do my most updating in terms of adding more games to the curator page list.

I’ll probably add the Alien Breed games at some point (I own all 3), and Shadowgrounds, though I only own the less well received Shadowgrounds Survivor on Steam (original title I’d gotten on disc in 2006). I was underwhelmed by Frozenbyte’s Nine Parchments – others expected another Magicka, I thought it would be Helldivers with mages. I’ll put something in about NP on the page eventually but I haven’t really put enough time in it to do a substantive review.


Sorry, didn’t mean to give that impression - i was just offering game titles for you to check out if you hadn’t already to help you add content.
If i was a PC gamer i would join but i’m on console :disappointed: If joining a Top Down / Twin Stick focused community interests others but they are likewise only on console then i also have a PS4 Community that is open to anyone:


Oh that’s cool. :grin: I’m a dope sometimes; I forget that probably way more folks here are PS4 Helldivers players than PC/Steam players.

I’m also thin-skinned sometimes. I was asking in a Steam forum for 10Tons’ new necromancer-type game if it was a twin-stick (to see if it would “qualify” for my curator page) and a couple miscreants said curator pages are “like cancer,” which given that they’re totally optional on Steam – you won’t see any Curator suggestions unless you choose to follow at least one – seems a pointless stance. Although since I created the thread, I just deleted them into oblivion there. :zipper_mouth_face: Which is why I’m not cut out for forum moderator :smirk:, even if I essentially did that for my various game fan web site forums back in the day.

Steam has a 50% off sale on Ruiner so I just picked that up this morning. Though in one positive review a guy said, “This is not Helldivers.” And I thought, “Well, how is that EVER a good thing???” :dizzy_face:


I think you’ll like RUINER. Play it your way, keep experimenting with your loadout (ability points can be swapped around freely at any time) until it feels right, and don’t get burnt out by the difficulty - i originally dropped the difficulty after like 70 deaths in one section but went on to do 3 playthroughs and got the Platinum (100%).
New update arrives on 21st February as well


Joined! See you there.


IF ONLY it had multi. Dealbreaker for me.


I found another one you should check out… its a bit more puzzly than most but still pretty good imo http://store.steampowered.com/app/527150/Dead/ will buy it for ya if like.