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Metal Hunter is a top-down, 3-D robots vs. robots arena shooter (think Robotron etc.) that at the least blows up real good because of the 3-D aspect. Not due til next year, but I hope maybe they release a demo for one of the Steam games festivals down the road.

Now sure how deep it is, but it does promise an upgrades system and tradeable items. There’s at least one special ability (slow-mo).

I’m hoping it’s not too “floaty.” I never thought I’d refund a top-down shooter for nausea reasons, but I recently refunded a $10 game where the “floatiness” and herky jerky motion of the game camera caused me too much nausea.

Might be stretching to call it a twin-stick shooter but isometric zombie roguelite The Last Stand: Aftermath is due out Nov. 16. I mostly enjoyed the demo, though I seem to recall being constantly ammo-starved. No multiplayer plans afik. Part of its main schtick is that EVERYONE is infected so your character always dies eventually, but you gradually build up more abilities and special power mutations.

I’m not sure 1980s-set top-down squad tactical shooter Thunder Tier One qualifies as a twin stick shooter per se, but it’s suddenly got a Dec. 7 release date (no early access planned, it’s been in closed beta testing for some time). The limited earlier playtests were fun, but it’s a very unforgiving game. :slight_smile:

Also one of the few “fully featured” online co-op top-down shooters I’ve played of late, with lobby support, text chat, etc.

You can play the 9-mission campaign solo (doling commands to 3 squad AI partners) or in co-op with up to 4 players. It has three online PVP modes (deathmatch, and two 4v4 modes, Exfil and ‘Advance and Secure’) and one co-op (besides campaign co-op) called Domination.

It’s Unreal-engined and offers full modding support. An interesting requirement by Epic with UE4 is the modding tools for players must be offered through the Epic Games Store. So even though Thunder Tier One is strictly a Steam release, players have to get the modding tools through Epic’s store.

My only gripes during playtests were there’s no way to respawn during most modes (if you die, you’re dead for the duration, and I don’t think most players will stick around an entire session like that); and the rotatable camera seemed to require almost constant micro-management to keep things in view. The last playtest the camera view seemed to “auto-follow” as in most top down shooters, and so that was less of an issue.

I think in places also the game felt too scripted to me (same enemies coming from the same predictable places), and the different elevations can be a bit tricky in a top-down view game.

So, Synthetik 2 at least enters Steam early access tomorrow (about 9 a.m. US EST) on Nov. 11. However, they announced last minute they are holding back the new server-based multiplayer because it simply needs a lot more work. So the early access initial build will be solo-only. I think the launch price was to be around $19.99. May be tough for me to recommend it until it’s got its multiplayer mode added.

I’ve been helping test a regularly updated alpha version since late July (I spent a lot of wee hours helping test the first game in around 2016-2017). I don’t know if I’m allowed to say anything in detail, but I do feel like the latest updated alpha build is way more fun to play than the primordial pre-alpha demo that was much bashed a few months ago.

I think it remains to be scene if this switch in view perspective from true top-down to isometric goes over well. It causes some “blind spot” situations with player character and enemies behind walls and environmental objects at times. While the German dev team remains small, it sounds much expanded over the duo it was for Synthetik.

They’ve also made some major changes in how some things work, and I think at least some of it is to make controller-play more friendly. All items are now “passives,” and it no longer has a hotkey bar or inventory that manipulate (it was drag and drop via mouse in first game, and some klutzy controller use on controller). Upgrades to weapons are only done at terminals now.

As far as the delayed multiplayer, they anticipate the server-based MP could support up to 4 players, but they’re not so far convinced more than 3 is best for gameplay.

Also, I lost the battle to get some sort of jump jet pack into the game. I had hoped the switch to isometric view would add “verticality” to the game, but I guess not. :frowning:

OK so Synthetik 2’s early access build won’t for some time have its ballyhooed server-based 4-player online co-op. I think in part because the initial early access build is monumentally buggy and semi broken in places, and they’re too busy stamping out fires and trying to get some basic functionality working properly.

That said, I’ve got over 30 hours on it. It’s great fun, the presentation is amazing for a top-down/isometric shooter. It’s just sooooo rough around the edges, and if you’re not into constantly filing bug reports, it’s hard to recommend to casual players in its current state, but they are furious doing fixes and improvements.

As of Nov. 19, the classes (2 subclasses under each, but you can choose to just use the “main” class instead) and subclasses:

-Guard Judge
-Riotguard Disruptor

-Grenadier Rocketeer
-Assault Grenadier

Chrono Trooper
-Chrono Striker
-Chrono Breacher

-Recon Psyconic
-Anti-Material Recon

I did a simple screenshots-based Steam game guide about all those classes/subclasses:

So far Riotguard main class is my favorite and only class I’ve finished a “run” with (the final boss level is not complete yet). The Chrono class/subclasses are heavy on teleportation, and what annoys me is it uses motion blur even if you’ve disabled that in graphics settings. Recon was added Nov. 19, and I find it extremely difficult to play; however, they do get a cape. :slight_smile: Rogue is the next class, and is scheduled to be added in December.

I enjoy one early level’s section that I refer to as the “pinball level” because of its bumpers, along with spinners and minor-damage spiked floor traps. It’s a very interactive section, and with some limited procedural generation of its layouts, it’s very replayable and fun, even when your character is getting whacked.

Here’s a compilation video I made of it:

Some upcoming twin-stick/top down shooters of possible interest.

Uragun, a mech top-down shooter, enters early access on Steam on April 12. I’m a little disappointed with the game’s shift from gritty shooter on expansive levels based on real city maps, to what seems to be a cartoony-looking, tight-corridors shooter. A playable demo is available.

I’ve been vocal on its forum that it’s disappointing they seem to have turned away from the first demo and gameplay trailer’s features, as seen in this early trailer video:

I assume they think this more colorful iteration will be easier to learn and have a bigger audience. It’s had for me more the effect of squelching my interest :frowning:

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Tried the demo for Redside, which I’d call a cross between maybe Running with Rifles and Hotline Miami. Alas, it has a horrendously ill-timed – given what’s going on in the world today – alternate Cold War scenario (fight as the USSR and free citizens! etc.).

And like most Hotline Miami "true’ top down games, it suffers a bit from getting shot by enemies offscreen. And the character models to me are a bit chunky in movement. But I had some fun with the demo, and think it’s worth keeping an eye on. No online co-op planned, but you get two indestructible friendly AI soldiers. I suggested they add some simple commands from them because as is, they’re stapled to your hip and fire 100% of the time :slight_smile:

Steam page, Episode 1 due in April:

Gameplay trailer:

Marketed more as a top-down ARPG, bargain-priced Escape from Cronos X is a pretty fun - albeit needs more polish - top-down shooter that requires maybe a bit more camera micromanagement than I’d like.

Key thing is you can build or get jetpacks that let you fly for quite some time, and shoot while flying :slight_smile: I just posted this short video.

I wish co-op was in the plans, and that there was more replayability to it. It’s about 4-5 hour run through and enemy encounters seem mostly scripted, though 4 classes and a lot of weapons are available. You also get to use various drones and turrets as summons.

The actual twin-stick shooter gunplay is quite fun, but buggy at the moment. I think only the basic Repeater AR rifle and flamethrower work properly at the moment, but the tiny dev team said it’s working on that.

The 3-D maps offer a lot of terrain and elevation, but requires quite a bit of camera view micromanagement and rotation.

Devastator’s a terrific vector-based arcade twin-stick shooter that for an old fart like me channels 1980s classics like Tempest, Asteroids and Robotron 2084 into something different. :slight_smile: Younger gamers might see it as a spiritual successor to Geometry Wars. Devastator’s bargain priced around $7 and on sale for less than $5 US.

Its earlier demo bothered my eyes, but there’s enough ways to tune down screenshake, glow and blinkiness to be more pleasant for the eyeballs now. :slight_smile:

I gave it a positive mini-review on the Twin-Stix curator page:

“Wonderful retro-modern, vector-graphics, arcade twin-stick shooter channeling 1980s vector-graphics classics like Tempest and Asteroids with the manic twin-stick shooter play of Robotron 2084.”

Wow, this impending early access “fluid physics” twin-stick shooter isn’t like any I’ve seen before. :slight_smile:

Lone Ruin possibly could possibly tickle Magicka fans, though no multiplayer is planned. No release date yet:

CyberCorp, a fairly promising isometric/top-down shooter with some promising online co-op features, finally appears to have a playable demo due out in June in conjunction with a Steam Next Fest games festival planned for that month:

The demo of the game will be in June Next Fest.

Tankocracy is a neat little tactical top-down tanks and mechs shooter that just released a playable demo (about 3.3GB in size), single-player only:

Isometric sci-fi looter shooter Cybercorp should finally have a playable demo June 13 for the June 13-20 Steam Next Fest games festival:

I won’t get my Helldivers hopes up, but it promises online co-op (for 3 I think), and the screens I’ve seen of multiple weapon/armor/skill slots:

And of the Cards weapon upgrades screen:

Seem very promising. Also for a change has a few mission objectives: Capture control points, defend important objects, hack into security systems, etc.

But of course if it doesn’t feel fun to play, who cares? :slight_smile: Anxious to kick its tires. Hoping it doesn’t turn out like Trident’s Wake, an Argentinian dev’s game that had so much promise but fizzled out and was abandoned.

OK, Cybercorp’s devs did confirm a demo release starting next week (June 13) for the Steam Next Fest games festival. I keep asking them if it’ll have the online co-op enabled, but no response yet.

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I don’t know where I found out about DeathRun Tv, might have been BlackjackGT? I played the demo and it plays alright it’s a little like Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon.

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I’ve heard decent things, but don’t think I’ve tried it yet. :slight_smile:

CyberCorp dev confirmed the June 13-20 Festival Demo WILL have online co-op enabled, so I hope to get to try it with other people. :slight_smile: I think it’s 3-players. They seem to indicate they hope to announce a Q4 2022 release date eventually. Of course it may be junk, here’s hoping the demo isn’t junk. :smiley:

I agonizingly updated my Synthetik 2 (remains in long-term Early Access) Subclasses Steam Game Guide with new screenshot snippets, descriptions, explanations and notes to reflect the current build of the game. Devs put a lot of effort in recent months in diversifying the various subclasses’ special abilities and perks, and it’s helped make each much more different to play.

Lots of “showstopping abilities” now. Some favorites of mine include Rocketeer’s auto-target-lock Missile Burst, Eliminator’s Distractor Cluster laser pew-pew mini-drones and 360-degree laser-firing XH2000 Eliminator Drone. Guard Judge has these two wild disc abilities – Orbital Authority, which drops in from the sky, and Justicia, which is akin to the movie Tron’s flying discs. They haven’t yet brought back the “pet/summons-focused” Engineer from the 1st game but have spread a lot of interesting summoning/tech pet type abilities across the subclasses.

Just hard for me still to recommend an early access title that’s so buggy and rough around the edges, and where the new server-based online co-op is only just moving into internal testing recently. Lot of updated seem to break stuff that was working fine. Lots of weapons need re-balancing. There’s this newer acid Damage over Time pistol I’ve found just demolishes bosses in seconds because its DoT wildly over-scales against bosses.

I also feel like S2’s items are “too” upgradeable, to the point they are quad-casting and doing a zillion % damage and they at times just take over the game.

OK so that CyborCorp demo to me was disappointing. Narrow, boring corridors, too-frantic, non-tactical shooting, too much melee-focus for my tastes, like a watered-down Ruiner, bummer. :frowning:

OTOH, just stumbled into this interesting top-down U.S. Prohibition-era set mobster shooter game that could be fun and will emphasize online co-op, but release isn’t expected until mid-2024:

Enemy of the State

Enemy of the State is a top-down shooter for the fans of co-op action and solo players. Set in a stylized noir world of the 1920s , it lets you climb the ladder of criminal notoriety.

It’s the time of Prohibition. The golden age of mobsters. You are a low-level criminal, with an ethnicity of your choosing, aspiring to become a true mafia boss. Gather your gang and perform all kinds of jobs, all over the world. From heists to turf takeovers to kidnappings and assassinations. Your goal? Same as always. Money, power & respect.

Play as a lone wolf or with friends in a 4-player co-op. Choose your class, customize your mobster and go conquer the world. Make your background American, African-American, Irish, Japanese, or Chinese. Get better, grow stronger, and unlock perks, cosmetics, and outfits.


Feel the kick of Tommy guns, shotguns, revolvers, pistols, dynamite sticks, and other iconic weapons. If you need them to kick harder, upgrade them! And if you’re looking to spice up your action, try obscure historical weapons from Japan or China.


Prepare for new jobs in your fully customizable hideout. It’s also your hub where you can hang out with other players and form syndicates that compete for notoriety online!


Visit beautiful, detailed 1920s locations from all over the world. The game’s powerful art style was inspired by art deco, Dishonored, and classic noir films & comics.


  • Story-based campaigns and co-op jobs
  • Varied missions, from heists to turf takeovers
  • Deep combat with customizable weapons and a cover system
  • Extensive player progression with many available classes
  • Player-created syndicates that compete online
  • Interactive, customizable hub