[Steam] BlackjackGT's "Twin-Stix" Community Group & Twin-Stick Shooters "Curator Page"

So its Steam launch planned for today (July 27) got botched by a technical glitch, but Aniquilation is a clever “spherical” twin-stick shooter that could have some appeal to fans of the largely overlooked Battle planet. I find it bizarre that Steam’s automated “similar to games you’ve played” doesn’t in fact look up my copy of Battle Planet. :slight_smile:

Battle Planet - Judgement Day was a 2019 “spherical” top-down rogue lite that was fun and challenging, but didn’t hold much replay value for me (got around 13 hours before I got tired of it):

From my crude demo experience, Spellbearers ain’t no Gauntlet, but is maybe “Gauntlet-ish,” though devs claim Smash TV is more their inspiration, and now has an October 2022 release date. They’ve supposedly made some changes since the festival demo.

REDSIDE, which I’ve oversimplified as a solo “Hotline Miami meets Running With Rifles,” released. I had some fun with its demo until an impossible tank finale in which the scripted enemy tanks never stopped respawning. It’s pretty cheap ($7.99; $5.59 launch sale), and is billed as “part 1,” which seems rather hopeful. I think it’s a solo-dev project.

My main demo feedback beyond the messed up tanks finale was the need to enable players to give our couple AI troops some simple comments. Even “stay” and “follow me” would suffice. As it is, they “clump” too closely to you and are often more troublesome than helpful.

As with most of these “true-top-down view” games (like Hotline Miami), that perspective is sometimes problematic as far as providing the player a sufficient “field of view” to see oncoming enemies, vs. isometric games. But it does prevent the “blind spot” problem some isometric games have with environmental objects obscuring view.

I’m not sure what to make of Redside’s solo dev. All my suggestions are met with “nah,” and while I could say Arrowhead tended to respond to my suggestions the same way, back when they actively supported Helldivers, they at least pretended to care about our feedback/suggestions. It also seems to have some game stopping bugs in places, according to other players, so I’d like to see if Redside’s going to get any post release support.

ZERO Sievert is a pretty ambitious, pixelized top-down looter shooter/survival game whose demo has so far turned me off due to a steep initial difficulty curve (other players say the demo actually gets too easy once you upgrade to better armor). But in early stages I just feel I get one-shot killed way too often.

Fully upgradeable weapons (attachments system), questing and a procedurally generated wasteland that at least for me often takes a full minute or more for level-loading/generation are among its distinguishing features. From your base camp, you talk to a train conductor to take quick rides to other wasteland zones.

I just feel in the early stages I get blasted by enemies I can’t hardly see in the pixelized woods and Damage over Time annihilated by radiation practically everywhere. Can still see a lot of potential in this, and it’s something I want to at least Follow the development of.