[Suggestion/Idea] New Modes; Survival Endless & Ranking Games

Hello! At first i want to thank you arrowhead for creating amazing game to play with friends.
I must warn you that my English is not so good so please be peacefull reading this.Thank you.

New Mode. I will start with Survival Endless because i have many things and ideas in my head still growing and growing.

At start i will write about my vision and behaviour in this mode;

First and the main change: All players have camera on their own helldiver, so they can go where they want (collecting resources, defend, escort, doing events)

scrap metal is replacing samples. Scrap metal is building resource to build your first “Defend construct”, Once you end building DC you are able to building fortificate like bag with sand walls, build mines, build turrets, build mechs, building armor for “Defend construct” etc. It cost scrap metal. It works same like sample (1 scrap metal is added to every player or if you want you can change it to make it more teamwork based gameplay which i would like).


What is “Defend Construct” (DC) - It’s the main, core building you must defend, waves of enemies want to destroy it. Longer you defend higher the reward is (exp points, new unlockables, ranking points)
After building FIRST DC fun starts in 30 seconds. Waves going stronger and stronger.
You can build multiple DC placing on the map. (max to 3)
First DC cost: 1scrap metal, Second 5 and Third 10
The DC have special stands where you calling it (3 on the map)
Around DC you are able to build strategies defences/fortificates
Sand bag walls, turrets, mines, small bunker, armor for DC etc.
Game ends when; You fail and all DCs are destroyed. But you have a last chance and can leave the planet if you call the ship and survive till it arrive


Weapons; you can choose every weapon in game (should be added few new special weapons for this mode only)

Stratgems: new special stratgems
*Helldivers start with no stratgems - they will collect it on the battlefield
Every 5 or 10 waves and Every succesfull event small chest will be calling by radiostation in DC.
Opening the chest will appear 3 different stratgems, but you can choose only 1
1 chest 1 player stratgem (so you need to play teamwork with others)
Ammunition is a stratgem, but in this mode you can build pack of ammo with scrap metal

Abilities; same as in normal game. The best of course Iniektor and Stratgem priority
That’s why i please you to balance other useless abilities (example merge grenades to 1 good ability)


New units for this special mode - For sure existed units cyborg, worms and illuminates are not programmed to this mode (maybe if you add new cyborg, worms and illuminates that we can choose who we fight and try survive would be awesome). Maybe a planet with 3 mixed races


Events! Similar to the original one; escort, black box etc.
How it works?
Escort-"Few people are founded by radar and they need help. Order say “You must bring these people to our base”. Reward: small chest with a random stratgem to choose + exp points + rank points,
Black box is the same way
Loot drop-“The super earth support us with a drop, we should go and find it quickly” The chest with loot (scrap metal, 1 time use mech stratgem, 1 time use weapon etc). The chest is unknown location, find it and collect to unlock small chest reward.
I think i don’t need to say that every event and every leaving base is super dangerous.


New weather, more intense behaviour on the battlefield, fog of war, more scare sounds, random lightings etc.

Ranking system;
-points for playing survival mode solo,2,3 and full party
-versus 2v2 and 4v4 who longer survive (2 teams on the same map)
ranking points giving player prestige rank showing for all players and at end of the season the bests top20 are earning special capes.

For now it’s over. It looks like chaos but i told you its still growing and growing. It’s a big project. I do not except you add all this things but at least simple version of the mode even without ranking system. Thank you for reading. Stay cool.


Any responses?:slightly_smiling_face:

While I would gladly play this game :), I do feel that once you unlock the camera view, then the game is not Helldivers anymore. It’s not the game Arrowhead poured its heart and soul into, and was willing to withstand the brickabats about friendly fire and screen lock on, because they held fast to their design vision.

That said, a different game with everything listed here could be a heckuva lot of fun. :slight_smile: It could’ve been a spinoff maybe called Helldivers: Survivor Mode. :slight_smile:

One of my favorite twin sticks is Synthetik by a German dev duo. In their case, instead of immediately doing a new game sequel, they did a sort-of spinoff called Synthetik: Arena where instead of moving through a series of connected maps, you just played “defense” on a single map, and you had resources, scrap, turrets to enable and other things. They initially sold it as a separate game while giving us players of the original game it for free. Eventually the spinoff became F2P with some optional supporter packs.

Obviously that’s not happening with Helldivers since Arrowhead’s moving on to its next project.

But if we rewind the tape to some era where some spinoff was feasable, I think your idea might’ve been fun in that way. Some cool spinoff mode for players burnt out on the campaign or wanting a different experience in the HD universe.