[suggestion-optional hints] Add entry: Mission does NOT fail if evac timer runs out

Sooooooo many players rookie and veterans alike think the mission fails if the evac aircraft departure timer runs out, with no Helldiver aboard.

It doesn’t[. You just use the same “evac call-in console” again to call the evac aircraft back and the “arrival timer” starts again.

So belatedly I’m suggesting – if it’s feasible, maybe not – to add to the game’s optional in-game Hints an entry that explains this.

"Tip: A mission doesn’t end if the evac aircraft departure timer runs out. Just call it back in again."

Or something more clever and concise. :slight_smile: I think this would save a lot of confusion when say half the squad understands this and the other starts freaking out when the timer reaches near zero with nobody aboard.

I would’ve suggest explaining this within the gameplay itself somehow in a fun way, but that probably would’ve required like adding a voice line for the evac pilot hollering “LZ’s TOO HOT! Call me back, and I’ll return later for evac!” Or “Low on fuel. Gotta gas up – call me back!” etc.Instead, the pilot yells “You’re on your own!” Which doesn’t really make it clear you can just call him back in. :slight_smile:

Which is obviously not happening this far down the development road. :slight_smile:

Actually, some of my most memorable game sessions have been when we had to “re-clear” the landing zone after needing to let the evac aircraft leave and call it back in again.

But other times one player has hopped on it at the last second, assuming we’d fail and not understanding we can just call evac back in again. Sometimes that’s a fine idea mind you, sometimes it’s better to just wait for an evac re-call and get everyone on board. :slight_smile:

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It would be very cool and useful. I never enter on the ship unless everybody is inside (except if they are dead and we are surrounded), so I would love the option to call again and wait for the rest of the team.

Sorry, I must not be explaining well. :slight_smile:

We can already do that – if the evac aircraft lifts off with nobody on board, it just means the console you use to call in evac resets. So you enter the key combo again, the evac timer restarts again, etc.

It’s just that most players, esp. new ones, don’t realize it works that way. They think the mission fails if the evac timer runs out with nobody aboard.

I caught this once on video (we failed extraction twice before finally succeeding at about the 6:48 mark of the video):

Sorry, english is not my first language and I must have not explained myself very well. What I meant was to reduce the time for waiting the ship. Instead of 1:30 put it on 45 seconds pm the 2nd call.

I guess that maybe I have a tad more situational awareness than most; but I find it very hard to miss that the shuttle call in beacon pops back up out of the ground after a failed extraction. I’m not sure how much more obvious they can make it that you can call back down another shuttle?

I think your idea of adding the text to the loading screens to explain the concept is a great idea. I agree with you that adding dialog from Frank saying, “LZ is too hot! Call me back in when things calm down!” would be an easy solution. However, this late into the game’s life, adding the text is probably much easier?

Well yes it’s obvious. And yet everyone freaks out if not at least one Helldiver’s on board before the timer runs out, at least in my experience. :slight_smile:

What’s of course terrible about my idea is maybe then people would just ignore the timer because “hey it’s more cool to fail evac and do the subsequent content instead.” :laughing:

Guess I’m obsessed with the idea that ‘failing’ at something could lead players to additional content, but perhaps that’s not the best way to connect players to optional content because it would encourage them to flop. :smiley:

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