[suggestions] Helldivers "event" ideas (special weekends, days, etc.)

While it seems like active further development on Helldivers is a non-starter now, perhaps there’s some way they can have some ‘events’ now and then.

My one idea I’ve had for years is just how much fun the pre-release opening weekend here was for customers who pre-purchased Helldivers. The way I remember is is NONE of the DLC was available/activated for that 3-day weekend. And we all still had a blast, and the limitations of the ‘base Helldvers game’ forced us into creative ways to achieve objectives and resolve problematic enemies.

Also, of course NONE of us had snow boots so we had to either live with the slow movement or use vehicles, jump jets and other methods to work around things.

I know you can of course ask other players to “don’t use DLC,” but I think it would be way more compelling to have a “No DLC active” event – maybe just for like a Friday-Saturday period. Maybe devs could make it more appealing to join in by offering some sort of mild XP bonus during that weekend. And if people didn’t like the limitation, then tough, go play something else for 3 days. :slight_smile:

My other ideas are also based on this “enforce limitations for a short period of time to force players out of their comfort zones.” Maybe a weekend where ALL aerial attack strategems are DISABLED. Or one where ALL turrets are UNAVAILABLE. Things like that.

I’d be interested if other players had ideas for an interesting one-off event that might spice up the game or offer different gameplay experiences for a fixed period of time. I’d think of ideas based on using what’s already in the game in some interesting way – rather than something that would require the devs to make something new, which they clearly no longer have time to do because the Secret Project is all consuming. :slight_smile:

I think this could inject some new life into the game in a focused way and wouldn’t (I could be wrong, I’m not a dev :smiley:) necessarily require massive dev time to implement.

Part of this came up because some games I play like Killing Floor 2 are enabling these various community events with bonuses. And sometimes various game modifiers come into play. And it’s just a for relatively short period of time so folks not into it know it’s not a long term change.