Synthetik 2 (Online Co-Op-VIDEO included)

Online co-op has been in isometric roguelike PC shooter Synthetik 2’s “multiplayer testing branch” Steam early access build for sometime, I just couldn’t find anyone to play it with.

A fella joined me yesterday, and we had quite a wonderful maybe 40-minute run (in edited video above).

Alas, I didn’t start my NVIDIA video gameplay recording until after the first couple levels and 1st boss, but I guess that did keep my recording time a bit more reasonable (I edited it down to 27 minutes or so). We had a great time, and the now server-based online co-op seemed steady, and other players did not say anything in text chat about lag issues. :slight_smile:

I played as the explosive Demolisher, using his Rocketeer Kit (rocket launcher included). I love its Missile Burst Specialization ability. Although its pention for blowing up everything in sight brings some friendly-fire concerns. :slight_smile: He played as the teleportation-focused Chrono Trooper,

As far as weapons, for most of the co-op session in video I used my Orion HVL rocket launcher, a powerful (slow reloading) PXR Fusion Rail railgun and my PPQ-H laser pistol sidearm.

Devs made it so you can revive a fallen player by standing by them for a few seconds while a “revival meter” fills. It just makes it necessary to clear the surrounding area a bit.

Except for weapon crates, most other types of creates, consoles, shops in levels on a run are now shared, so each player gets something/can buy something.

I’ve put some time in, in recent weeks finally updating my various S2 Steam Game guides. I’ve done 3 guides, haven’t had time to update the "items guide, so that’s a bit out of date now. You can view these on the web and don’t need Steam to view them, if you’re curious :slight_smile:

Now that we know Helldivers 2 is no longer an isometric/top-down shooter, I figure I’m more comfortable sharing my Synthetik 2 affection here in “other games.” :slight_smile: It’s not competition for HD2 really and as a roguelike doesn’t have any missions/objectives (I pushed for them, but S2 doesn’t even have the “objective consoles” of the first game, alas.

I prefer S2 in kb/m. I can’t really speak to how it plays on controller. They’ve put more effort into that, but I don’t think they’re quite there yet. My motto is it’s probably easier to create a top-down/isometric that’s controller based first and then add in the kb/m support for a PC version (as Helldivers did), then create kb/m-focused games like the two Synthetik games and then try to get them to work as controller-games.

(I moved this thread over from “Other Arrowhead Games,” which was the wrong place to put it, doh).

Finally got a 4-player session going on Sunday. So much fun, although maybe the 175% escalation (difficulty scale setting) wasn’t quite high enough. Although it was very reliable (no disconnects or drops) on the new server-based multiplayer, we ran into a pecular boss battle bug where the boss was invisible, and that just cut our fun somewhat short.

I’ve been pleased to make several new Steam friends in the course of getting a few co-op games together recently. That was of course the best part of Helldivers in the day for me. :slight_smile: