Tank (TD-110 Bastion) underpowered?


The Bastion really shines in open environments, where longer shots can be taken. Unfortunately, it requires a good crew to be anything more than alien bait. BTW, I’ve seen a few higher level players doing just that, parking it and keeping it alive with the green light beam to draw away enemy fire…read decoy.
I don’t think much of this tactic.
Just about every vehicle I see, besides the walkers, is an HAV, probably because of the main gun, turret, and frontal armor.
I’m can’t help but think that better frontal armor on the Bastion would improve playability, encouraging more dimensions in play. I for one, would welcome it. They could offer a slightly more aggressive look, even borrowing the barbed wire from the HAV.
Finally, I’m glad someone else brought up the idea of vehicles carrying the box. If nothing else, one should be able to toss it upon that large flat Bastion roof, or, just to stir the pot here, into the motorcycle side car!
Finally, I always saw the Bastion as more of a Sturmgeschutz than anything else. Technically then, it is a tank destroyer. Lacking a turret, it cannot truly be considered as an actual tank. Yes, in terms of HD referring to it as a tank is convenient, just not truly correct, thus opening the possibility for some type of main battle tank.


I wholeheartedly agree. The Bastion is essentially a tank destroyer in the game and matches tank destroyers in real life (like the Hetzer tank destroyer–I misspoke earlier and called it a light tank).


Arrowhead definitely succeeded at this, then :grin: (because so few people use the Bastion).

In other words, it’s clearly underpowered in some way. I’d just like to see it brought in balance with the other vehicles and play styles.


Agreed. Front armor on Bastion is a bit underwhelming. I like the penetrating rounds idea. What about a railcannon style weapon?

Also, TD = Tank Destroyer. Tank Destroyers are generally turretless and less well-armored than Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) as they tended to be used for ambushing enemy heavy armor. So it makes sense the way it is.


TDs are most often designed from an existing Tank Chassis, so have the same armour usually.
In the case of a TD like the Jpz 4-5 in the 60s armour was neglected in favour of speed in an era where regular armour didnt work. Come the age of ERA, composite and CHOBHAM TDs like the Bastions design just werent viable or persued anymore.


Can I take it back? :smiley:

Had the unexpected turn of events with the whole family off at a market when I got home. 1hr free time! Woohoo! Guess where that went.

So fighting the borg with a tier 2 Bastion, I found out how blinking useful it can be.

  1. the Coax drastically increases it’s versatility
  2. a good driver is still essential
  3. Cyborg tank rounds bounce off the front and even side armour on this thing!
  4. it has quite a lot of ammo even at tier 2. Tier 3 must be nuts.

We continued on to a retal strike, half of which the TD participated in as a (occasionally) mobile gun platform. Very good fun! I’m convinced, the Bastion’s useful after all - but a good driver’s pretty important, so when in doubt just drive. Anyone can play gunner and most players want to.


Whilst I really enjoy playing with the Bastion, I will continue to lobby for heavier frontal armor.
I understand that there is a syndrome I will call OP TERROR, the victims of which suffer shakes and cold sweats over the meerest mention of a more powerful weapon, and that it is present at this location. I don’t know if a cure exits, however despite all, I can say that the team requirement is a large enough hurdle to overcome, without the splash damage destroying one’s vehicle.
I recently had the great pleasure of deploying the Bastion against the borgs with an excellent player, and it was actually fun. Speaking personally, the borgs are rarely fun because they scream for red strategems, which I’ve already covered, explained, and lamented. Yet this rare moment of excellent team play made for a great time.
Glad you enjoyed your Bastion play, S. May you always find it so.


I’m actually entirely in favour of giving the Bastion some HAV level frontal armor, even at the expense of reducing the turret’s aiming arc. It just feels too squishy, even for a fast tank-buster.


I don’t think it is under powered, but you are right to say it is not a popular pick. My explanation for this is people who want to have very easy time in mission have better option in the AT-47 Anti-Tank Emplacement (3 uses per stratagem and no co-op required) and for those that like challenge more it is a bit too powerful.

If you are convinced it is under powered, here is link to Playlist of Videos where Bastion gets used and I hope it shows that it doesn’t need to be changed.