The Grand Opening Giveaway: Introduce yourselves here!

Update 2: Thank you everyone for signing up to the forums and helping us start off with a bang! We have now reached our goal of just over 100 posts, so I will be closing the thread and messaging everyone with the code of their choice. Even if you didn’t manage to snag some loot today, make sure to sign up and stick around as we will be having more give-aways and competitions from time to time :star_struck:

Update 1: We’re getting a phenomenal amount of great responses. In the soon-to-be Christmas spirit, we are increasing the amount of posters from 50 to 100! The first 100 replies now receive one of our games! :slight_smile:

Welcome everyone!

For the grand opening we are giving away Steam codes to early members! :tada::gift::

To receive one of our titles, simply sign up to the forums by making an account and introduce yourself to the community. It’s that easy.

To make you introduction awesome, your post must include 2 things:

  • Let us know what Arrowhead games you have played (You can say “NONE!”). It’s just great to know which you enjoy so that you can find friends with similar interests and start conversations.
  • Which game you would like the Steam code for (Helldivers, Gauntlet, The Showdown Effect or Magicka)*!


  • The first 100 posters in this thread get a Steam code to one of our games of their choice.
  • One code per person**.
  • Only posts in this thread count.
  • Your post needs to include the two above mentioned things.

Good luck and welcome again!

**Some of our older games may have low populated servers. For The Showdown Effect we will be giving out multiple copies so you can play with friends.


I played both Gauntlet and Helldivers and definitely got my worth out of them.

But I still don’t have Magicka, so that’d be nice to have :slight_smile:


I played Magicka and Helldivers, I really love Helldivers!
I don’t have Gauntlet™ Slayer Edition would like to try it!


Let’s play some Gauntlet when you get it! I’ve been missing a friend to get back into it with.


Almost played all: way back then Magicka, Gauntlet only a short while, but Helldivers ever since. The latter one being definitively my favorite by far from those three.

And I would like to ask for a copy of Helldivers, so I can convince more friends to help spread democracy!


Gauntlet and Helldivers. Console gamer so Steam code can go to someone else :slight_smile:


Bought helldivers a few weeks ago. Fantastic game. Would love to have another Helldivers code for my friend.:grinning:


Have not played any of your games yet but would love a copy of Helldivers so I can try it out! :smiley:


I’ve played Helldivers, Gauntlet, The Showdown Effect and Magicka. Particularly love The Showdown Effect for LAN parties… even if @KroFunk has a habit of beating me:

Steam code Helldivers as it’s the only one I don’t own on PC :slight_smile:


Have played Magicka and Helldivers.

Helldivers was one of the titles where I had the most fun with friends online on the PS4 (and I would love for a sequel or a spin-off to be something like a Left 4 Dead in this world. I think it would fit so well and there are very few games like that out there these days)

Anyway, I sadly cant play Helldivers on PS4 anymore because I changed accounts for my PS+ sub, so I would love to get a Helldivers code for Steam!


I played magicka and still play helldivers all the time. I don’t have Gauntlet and would love to try that game, could always use more couch coop games.



I have played the Showdown effect at a LAN. It was fun!

I don’t own Gauntlet, I’d give it a bash!


Magicka was really fun. The experience of constantly killing friends accidentally at 3AM in the morning is not something I can get out of anything else in this world.

I really look forward to check Helldivers out!


A liberty rich day to you folks!
I played almost all of your games on PC, except The Showdown effect. Coop beats pvp. :wink:
Neat looking forum btw.

If anyone wants to play some Magicka or Gauntlet I would be up for playing both, especially the latter. And since my tries to get people interested in games by gifting them copies failed, I gladly forfeit my code for the 51st poster. :statue_of_liberty:


Love your games! Showdown Effect and HELLDIVERS are probably my favorites.
I’ll grab a HELLDIVERS code. Have a few people in mind that might want it.


Really enjoy Magicka and would definitely give Helldivers a go


Hey there! Absolutely loved Helldivers on PS4 and still participating in the wars.

I would really like to sink my teeth into Gauntlet Slayer edition sometime soon.

Love you Arrowhead!


Hello everyone.

I played Magicka with some friends way back when the game came around fun times, thanks for including friendlyfire!.

A code for Helldivers would be great


Hello Arrowhead,
I have played HELLDIVERS for almost 300 hours on steam,and i really like this game.
I did hope your “something new, fun & useful” to be some in-game related content,but i guess Arrowhead Forums will also do.
If i could get a steam code,i think i’d like to try Magicka.
And many thanks for the amazing games you have made.


Howdy! I play Helldivers. Look for HamsterChew on Steam if you’d like to play together. Hope to get another copy of Helldivers to gift to a friend.