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Hello! I’m a big fan of your games!
I have played Magicka 1 (BANANA!),The Showdown Effect (I wish more people played it :frowning: ), Gauntlet (PC) and PlayStation versions of Helldivers!

If it’s okay, I would like to have a PC Steam version of Helldivers to play with my PC friends.

Thanks and congratulations on a new forum!


Hello and welcome to all !

My first game of arrowhead was magicka! I hated magicka 2 and I thought it was from arrowhead so I held a grudge for years !
When I realized it was not I tried helldivers and fell in love, by far my favorite game. I have played both showdown effect(sad there are no people online) and gauntlet as well now.

I would love a Gauntlet code so I play with my friend!


Another big fan here (HELLDIVERS ™ is a piece of art!).

I played Magicka, Gauntlet (both versions) and HELLDIVERS ™.

I would like to get a copy of the Showdown Effect since it is the only one I haven’t tried yet.

Cheers and Democracy!


Arrowhead forums, yay!

I’ve played Magicka and Gauntlet, and I’ve played the heck out of Helldivers (one of only 2 platinums on PS4).

I’d love the Steam code for Helldivers!

Thanks, guys!


Congrats on the new forum Arrowhead!

I’ve played Helldivers, Gauntlet, and touched on Magicka. You guys make great games and treat your community right!

If I got a steam code I would love for Showdown Effect since I can give some to friends!!! You guys are great! I have lots of friends lol :wink:

Thanks for the opportunity and best wishes moving g forward!


Played great games before: Magicka & The Showdown Effect
would like the Steam code for Helldivers



I’m Rijter from Madrid, I have played Helldivers, Gauntlet and Magicka and would like to have/play The Showdown Effect!

Thanks, guys!


I didn’t play any of the games sadly! :frowning:
I really want to try Helldivers! :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks a lot for your time guys!


Hello, congrats on the new the new forums.

I haven’t played any arrowhead games in the past but i do enjoy a lot the videos in Youtube about Helldivers.

In case i get a steam code i would like it to be Helldivers obviously :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!


Hi! Love your games guys and gals at Arrowhead! :smile:
Played Magicka, Gauntlet and The Showdown Effect!
The only one I’m missing is Helldivers :frowning:
I would like to have a Steam code for Helldivers to play with my PC friends! Thanks!

Nice forum :smiley:


I only played Helldivers, its so amazing and i really love playing it.
I would like to try The Showdown Effect or Magicka:)


Hey guys! I played magicka and i loved it! I saw my friend play Helldiver and Gauntlet and they intrigued me. However Gauntlet looked more fun to me. Therefore I’d like Gauntlet!


Hello! Congratulations on new forum!
I loved playing Helldivers on PS4, so i decided to buy It again on PC so I can play with my friend.
I would like to get another copy of Helldivers for my third friend.
Now if you would excuse me I am going to drink a cup of Liber-Tea.


Hello, great to see the new forums!

I have played both Magicka and Helldivers on Steam. While Magicka was great, I absolutely LOVED Helldivers for its whacky friendly-fire chaos while immersed in an awesome sci-fi theme.

I would love to have a Helldivers Steam key to bring a friend onboard so we can finally have a full team of 4!

Also, am really looking forward to any news on upcoming games, especially any related to Helldivers :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello, Happy to be apart of the community!

I played Helldivers on console and I am extremely in love with it. I would love to play magicka at a a later time though.

Although, I want to play magicka I would love a helldivers Key for steam.


Hi, I’m Woyzeck Jon and my first Arrowhead game was Gauntlet.

My friends and I decided that we needed a new couch coop game and we gave Gauntlet a try. And, well…

…we all hated it. Because this happened, like, 2 years ago, I don’t actually remember what complaints we all had, but I’m pretty sure “Too Hard!” was one of them. So yeah, we all thought Gauntlet sucked, and that was that.

Steam Summer Sale of 2016 rolled along and I decided to buy another couch-coop game for my friends and I to play. Helldivers looked interesting, especially to me since I am huge fan of Starship Troopers (the novel and the 1997 film), and by that time I had forgotten all about Gauntlet; tbh I didn’t really pay attention to the developer, Arrowhead.

So I bought Helldivers only so that I could play it with my group of real-life friends in couch coop. And when we finally met at my friends house and had played Helldivers for the first time…



…hated the game!

Except me. I was in love! <3

So here I am. 2000 hours later.

I still play with my friends sometimes. But it’s never been the same again. xD

PS: I own all Arrowhead games at this point but I would love another Helldivers key so that I can give away / gift it to someone.Not my real-life friends, though…


Hello dudes, I haven’t played your games yet but I would like to get gauntlet!!


Have played Magicka. Would like to play Helldivers.


Greetings. Only played Helldivers but I love the hell out of it. So many good times in couch co-op and online.Think Ive played 500 hours and Ill probably play 500 more. Ill take Gauntlet cheers.


Si excited for this! I go as EduRedPal in Steam.I bought Helldivers in last sale and loved it so much I’m just 2 achievements far from completing all! I hope to ser more content ir a possible sequel. And almost forgot I would love trying Gauntlet un coop with friends, since I don’t have it. If I can get another copy of Helldivers or the deluxe Edition even when having it I would prefer it, to introduce more people to the game.