The Grand Opening Giveaway: Introduce yourselves here!



I’ve played Magicka on PC and Helldivers on my PS4 before I sold it, but I fell in love with Helldivers!

That being said, I would want a Helldivers Digital Deluxe code to catch back up, but if it is just the Helldivers basic game key, I’d love to Try out Gauntlet™ Slayer Edition since it looks like a ton of fun!


Nice forum! :smiley:
I played a lot of Magicka and Helldivers, which are both awesome games !

If there’s still some keys, I’d like an Helldivers key so I could give it to a friend to play with him :slight_smile:

Long live to Arrowhead and Helldivers!

(sorry for my engrish ^^)


Hey there!

I play Helldivers and i love it!

A Steam code for Gauntlet would be awesome! Thanks!

Are there any new developments for Helldivers in the future?


Hey guys :smiley: I’ve played Magicka, Helldivers and Gauntlet (Slayeeer Edition) - I know it’s a bit cheeky, but I’d prefer to have your next upcoming game instead. I have no trouble waiting. :smiley:


Hello I’m George, my friend introduced me to Helldivers and is helping me post. I only played Helldivers coop online with him and he convinced me to buy it after free weekend. I would like the Helldivers deluxe if possible or standard edition because I have more friends interested in playing it.


Been playing both magica and helldivers, which i enjoy greatly because of both the mechanics, and the horrendously cheesy humour. And me being Swedish just like the developers make it easy to find the cheesy Swedish Easter eggs.

It is somewhat sad that I have never player Gauntlet™ Slayer Edition, but I hope I get to see it in this giveaway.
I would also like to know if there is any way for me to get my hands on some Helldivers merchendise, like the pins for an exaple. ^^

Best regards


Of course it’s cheeky, you should play their other games to. Arrowhead humor is pretty consistent and awesome in all their titles.
Also, to say you’d rather wait for a new game for free… is a little bit too self-entitled don’t ya think?


I’m a huge fan of your, guys, played all your games!

Not much of Showdown Effect, though, but quite a lot of Magicka and Gauntlet…

… and HELLDIVERS was really a blast, is easily one of the most memorable coop experiences I’ve had. Thank you!

If I can get an extra HELLDIVERS code to give a friend, I’d be really happy!

But I really hope you go indie asap and make your own perfect coop, you guys are easily one of my favourite dev teams, keep up the great work!


I played Helldiver and it’s one of the best game I have ever played. I have met many wonderful people who I like to play Helldiver with.

I wanted to try Gauntlet Slayer Edition, it looked fun and unique.


I just want Helldivers 2.
Just don’t make it like they made Magicka 2 please.


Hi, I’ve played Helldivers (about 350 hours on Steam/PC; few dozen on PS Vita), Gauntlet (way fewer hours; I’ll never master the Wizard) and Magicka (little bit).

I’d be game to try The Showdown Effect if I haven’t missed the deadline. :slight_smile:

This is the same BJ from Steam forum and Reddit. :blush:


Hi everyone I’m that dude who named Snöre, nice to meet you all.
Played ALL the games, loved them all.
I’d love to be part of the repopulation effort on The Showdown Effect.


Hey everyone I’m Luis Diego and yo be honestidad, I never played any of your games but my friend told me about how awesome they are and convinced and helped me to sign up. I would like to have a Helldivers deluxe or standard to play with them, we are from Southamerica Perú cheers from there for this promoción.


Hi! I’ve played Helldivers and absolutely love it.

My brother owns Magicka on PC, so I would please like a second copy to play with him online.


I played Magicka.
And would like a copy for Helldivers.

I really loved Magicka, besides the whole killing your buddies thing. I think we need more singleplayer and coop games that allow you to really be overpowered. Not just leveling up and fighting new enemies but being creative and using your game knowledge to really break the game.


GrumpyGoat, The Showdown Effect is the only game from them that I didn’t play, because I personally didn’t find it attractive. I’m well aware, that their games do have a great humor, but that doesn’t mean all their games will speak to me :slight_smile:

As for the self-entitled part, like I said, I know it’s cheeky. But I’d rather go with cheeky than getting a code for a game I already have. I’d give a Helldivers code to a friend, but I made them all buy it already so… xD


I have played Helldivers and Magicka so far. Both on steam. Please, give me HD :slight_smile: i would give it to my brother, so we can play together. Bcs we were using sharing library :slight_smile:


Yeah I thought it was pretty funny, can’t wait to see what they’re making next!


I’ve played Magicka and Helldivers with my brother, both are awesome games. We had such a great time. Before Magicka I had no idea that it’s possible to create a game based on friendly fire.

Gauntlet sounds like fun :slight_smile:


Hello, i have played both Magica’s with my friend.
Now i would like a copy of Helldivers, please