The Grand Opening Giveaway: Introduce yourselves here!



Hi, my name’s Adam Boozer. I love the studio and hope you guys either expand or come out with more. I have played them all except Showdown. :wink:


Hello all!
This is such a great idea, I am very excited to be part of this. I am Megachrist, and I’ve got every Arrowhead game available on the PS4 platform. I easily have the most hours in Helldivers, but i love all of them. My wife and I love the couch-coop playability of your games and am so glad to see devs still interested in making that part of their game. I wanted to say I really appreciate the personal attention we’ve recieved from the Arrowhead team, and the care that goes into making your games special.

If there are any keys still available, I would love a Helldivers key!

You guys are awesome and I am so excited to see how far you go. Please continue to keep us couch-coop players in mind, you have such a knack for creating a great team experience.

<3 Megachrist


Hello I’m Rafael, also known as Peroncio in steam. I only played a bit local Gauntlet vía family Sharing and had Lot of laughs, but didn’t own the game so never played again. Nos my friend is crazy about this Helldivers game so I would like a copy of Helldivers to play with him, seems like a fun cooperative game. Thanks and cheers.


Been playing Helldivers on the Vita and PS3 since launch, been waiting for the game since the E3 announcement and boy I did not regret getting it immediately. My pals got into it too! We play on Sundays as a full team.

I wouldn’t mind getting Helldivers on PC too so I could play it on all platforms. Spread democracy everywhere!


Hi, I’m Frank. Big fan of Helldivers. Played it a ton with a friend on PS4. Also dabbled a bit in Magicka, but I’m too much of a button basher haha.

Would love to try out Gauntlet!


I want a new game from you :slight_smile:

You always create something unique, something that is a prize for the gaming community by itself. I’m familiar with the Magicka series. By the way, the second part was developed by different guys. And the first part was a blast

Gauntlet looks interesting, and I would like the key for this. Good luck in development!


Hey guys.

I’ve played tons of Magicka when it first came out and still do even today from time to time. But closest to my heart remains Helldivers, in which I’ve spend tens upon tens of hours with my friends.

I would love to try out Magicka 2, which I still haven’t come around to try out. Or it isn’t on the list? If that’s the case, then a copy of the showdown effect would be much appreciated, haven’t played that yet. <3

Looking forward to your next project. (Helldivers 2, perhaps?)


Huge fun of Magicka! Played it many times over and over again with my friends. Would be really nice to have Helldivers so I can join them in there as well! :blush:


I played Magicka first and loved it. Then friend told me about helldivers and how the guys who made Magicka did it. Got super excited as soon as I heard that.


The only game I’ve played from Arrowhead is Helldivers, but I’ve heard of Magicka before. I’d be interested in a code for Helldivers for my friend who would like to try out the game but missed the free weekend ^^


Helldivers and magicha are amazing. I would love to try gauntlet on pc


I’ve been playing Helldivers for a year, we had a fairly big community here in Hungary, but sadly as times flied everyone left, eventually I too felt there was nothing for me to do anymore in the game and sailed to different seas. I don’t really know which game I would like… I played all of them. But I always dreamed of having that Helldiver cloak which I never got since I never won any of the giveaways. XD


First game í played Helldivers
I don’t have Gauntlet™ Slayer Edition .


Bet you killed a tank, eh Frank? Haha


I LIVE BREATHE AND BLEED… HELLDIVERS, I love playing on my playstation, is there anyway I can receive a helldivers pin instead? Ive been playing for over 2 years and ive always wanted one :grin: if not possible ill take the Helldivers code! although i dont have steam, I know a few people who do and I would love to get them hooked!


Huzzah! Thanks for the forum for the community!

I have played Helldivers and Gauntlet!

I really wish to try Magicka!


Played both Magicka and Helldivers. I’d like a code for Helldivers for my friend.


Congrats on the new forum! I like the interface a lot!

I have played Magicka, Helldivers and Gauntlet on PS4!

I would love to try Helldivers again on PC, (Is there cross save by any chance?)

Keep doing awesome games!


Hello. I played The Showdown Effect for a while in its prime and the beta, had a lot of fun.

Would love to play Helldivers on PC (steam) please :slight_smile:


I have played Helldivers on both pc and ps4 and even though I take a break from it I still always come back it’s just one of those games. I would really like a code for Helldivers to give my friend.