The Grand Opening Giveaway: Introduce yourselves here!



Hi! I’m Logan. Helldivers is one of my favorite modern couch co-op games of all time! Defending Super Earth reminded me how good couch co-op was and really made me miss the whole genre. I’d love to get a code for the Gauntlet t, as long as there’s still codes available :slight_smile:


The Helldiver cape is really cool, thats what my friend wants, but ive always been dreaming about having the pin! Ive played for over 2 years and i havent won a pin even though it looks so awesome


Hello I’m Leonardo from Mexico and VixeDyA in steam. Never played any of your games but I would like to try Helldivers as recommended from one of my friends, so I would like a key for it.Thank you for this giveaway.


Hey guys, I played The Showdown Effect back when it was active and had some fun.

I am really interested in giving Helldivers a shot on PC(Steam) though


I’ve been playing Helldivers for 40 hours and its been great so far!

Can I get the code to Magicka? I’ve always been curious about that.


I have played helldivers, and I am such a fan, that I would actually like a steam code for Helldivers.


Hey all.

I’m an old man gamer (that’s 30+ to you kids) and new-ish YouTuber.

I’ve played almost every Arrowhead game so far, but especially loved Helldivers on PS4 and Magicka on PC.

If there’s any codes left at this point (78 comments I think when I started), I’d love a copy of Helldivers for PC as well! :slight_smile:


Welcome one and all, to the greatest show on the internet!

I have played Magicka, Helldivers, and The Showdown Effect.

I would like a spare code for helldivers if you’ve got it.


Hello! I’m glad these forums are finally up and running!

I’m a player of Magicka, Gauntlet, and Helldivers!

If I were to receive a code, I’d like another code for Helldivers to bring a friend along!


I haven’t played any Arrowhead games, but I’d like a copy of Helldivers


old time player of magicka its a great game and I love it,
id love to try out hell divers


Hey I’m Luis Eduardo and played Helldivers and a bit of gauntlet. I would like a copy of Helldivers to giveaway to friends and form a good 4 man squad :slight_smile:


Greetings all! I have played around 200 hours of Helldivers across PS3 and Steam, I’m currently working on getting all trophies on the Steam version as well. Fantastic game from a fantastic company it seems. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve never played any other games from you guys, but it seems Gauntlet may be up my alley? I guess I will leave that at your discretion, since I’m guessing all your games are good, haha!

*edit, in case I wasn’t clear, I would love to try Gauntlet if I made it in time!

  • Let us know what Arrowhead games you have played (You can say “NONE!”). It’s just great to know which you enjoy so that you can find friends with similar interests and start conversations.

Magicka: i liked it due to the humor and uncommon game mechanics, it left me pleased but it’s not a title i played for a high amount of time.

The Showdown Effect: i really liked it aswell, but the lack of active players and friend that would play it cut the expected playtime.

Helldivers: i love top-down games and helldivers is no exception, when buying it i was looking for something similiar to Alien Swarm but i’ve been positively surprised in helldiver’s style. While in AS you’d have to carefully manage your resources, helldivers would, for the most part, either provide infinite uses or long lasting effects, to the point where even players can be “recycled”.

  • Which game you would like the Steam code for (Helldivers, Gauntlet, The Showdown Effect or Magicka)*!

I have some friends that would like to play Helldivers, so that’d be my pick. :slight_smile:


I’ve played magicka, helldivers, and gauntlet.

Helldivers was on ps4 so I’d love it for pc


I’m FallenG0D i played all your games exept showdown effect, and absolutely loved Magicka (the best game ever).
Personally i would love to get your next game (whatever it will be) but i’ll settle for the showdown effect.


Hello my name is LM_Ural and I’ve been playing Helldivers since LIBERTY DAY 2017!

I would like to give Gauntlet a try so send it my way. \o/


Roach here, the guy with more guns than brains. HELLDIVERS veteran, happy to join the fray.
Could always use more codes for HELLDIVERS, got a wishlist or two to fill out.


I can say ‘None!’ but I played all of your games except Helldivers

Helldivers copy would be fine for me

I like your new forum


Hey guys! Glad to see the new forum page for such a great game. I look forward to seeing all the amazing stuff that goes on here.

I’ve play Helldivers on PS4 and PS3, and would like a Steam code for Helldivers if I’m qualified. Thanks!