The Grand Opening Giveaway: Introduce yourselves here!



I love helldiver,I want it. I have played the demo. It is funny with friend pls :smiley:


Hello, greetings and congrats.


I hope I’m not too late, I’m Mario from Spain and never played your games, but would love to try Helldivers!


I’ve played Magica, Gaubtlet and Helldivers. Love supporting you guys.

Code for the shadow effect


I have not tried any of the games you have made, but I REALLY want to grab Helldivers, and when I saw this was up I jumped for the chance. PLEASE LET THERE STILL BE CODES! If you can’t tell, I want a Helldivers code.


Hi! I’m your Russian fan. Got first acquainted with Arrowhead creations by playing Helldivers, then participating in your Twitter community and exploring more of your fantastic games. Thanks you for what you do!


Incoming Transmission
Im not in the top 100 REPlies. It kind of break(er)s my heart, but I have to take it like a true Patriot and do myself some Justice. The only arrowhead game I have played is Helldivers (Based on all the gun puns) and it will probably stay that way for a while. I enjoy Helldivers and have bought 6 copys of the game (plus some dlc) to play with my friends and its a blast.
-Bug Behemoth
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That’s very nice of you! I’m sure you may be able to find a couple of friends to play with in the future from the LFG threads here, especially after we give out all these codes today ;D