The Inner Circle of Hell; Cyborgs 15 RS

666-ish kills! Beaten without any AT-weapons. Just Tanto, Lifts and red Stratagems:
PS: We are waiting for the 19th difficulty in the next Liberty Day :grin:


Woah you guys are CRAZY good!


  • First you must beat 15 RS for Bugs and Illuminates (in team okay)
  • Then someone must beat the new 13+ RS solo for each of the 3

Then, you will be ready for Sweet 16… this will include Cyborgs, Bugs, and Illuminates all mixed in together

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Kimcorpuz is at it again… Cyborg lvl15 RS Solo


When it comes to mission compare to food, I see RS as my least fav dish.

When I see RS lvl 15 of any races, I pretty much faint at the sight of mission obj.

Nice kill amount though, did you guys just simply keep on going after the extraction beacon came in and nobody bother to dial out? lol

I have beaten all the retaliatory strikes solo for each race at difficulties 12 and 15 including Illuminates at 13. Can I get difficulty 16 now with all of them mixed together? :sunglasses:

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why not try a lv15 RS with 4 random loadout?

You are ready. The rest is up to Super Earth.

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This would be good to attempt. It’s difficult beating RS missions solo from 12-15 but most people tend to do it in a gimmicky way. With bugs many opt for the Tox-13. Cyborgs usually a static field will make even lvl 15 pretty manageable. Illuminates- usually people opt for the Trident and fire. Not saying these ways aren’t hard but the best player I’ve ever seen was Songgoon. He was able to dodge Illuminate orbs coming from the Great Eye (and Council members) in the most skilled manner. Didn’t use a trident, used a sickle. He thoroughly knew the pattern and movement of the enemy. If he was still around I imagine he could pull off doing a solo random loadout lvl 15 RS. For myself I’m trying to do solo lvl 15 RS Cyborgs using only red strats (no static, no lift, no gimmicks) and am nearly there. But random loadout sounds like a real challenge!

It would be funny if it happens in RL, like a squad of young divers accidentally drop into lvl 15 RS and request immediate EVAC or assistance. When HQ acknowledge their request and send reinforcement, and one Hellpod came down with one Admiral step out…

and then this happens lol.

Then he steps out of the Hellpod, removes his sunglasses to put on an even cooler pair of sunglasses.

“You look like you could use some help there boys”


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