The motorcyle Strategem should have two uses

I feel like this would just be more efficient without giving out some huge game breaking advantage. I know that you can just bring multiple Strategems but I also feel like this just discourages some players from using it in the first place. It is much more often that you are playing with four players than with two unless you’re playing in a private lobby with a friend or close the game off immediately after someone joins. So there should be two uses for each motorcycle Strategem implying that everyone should get a ride!


So that we can all die twice as often? :motorcycle: :sob:

Up to 32 motorcycles in a single room. Interesting. :thinking:

Anyway, I know what you mean. I’m fine with it how it is, but I wouldn’t be opposed to this idea. I agree it wouldn’t be game breaking either. It most likely still wouldn’t even be in 50% most used stratagems.

I’ve actually been attempting to become a better in-game driver lately, and I can honestly say the Motorcycle is probably the most challenging vehicle to deploy effectively. It’s unique combination of speed and practically zero health make this a very unpopular choice. I have seen so few Motorcycles deployed in my time of playing the game, that I conclude outside of a few bored youtubers, no one brothers with this strategem because any and all enemies destroy it with such speed, that anyone with a modicum of sense would spend the strategem slot on something better.
I only deploy the Motorcycle because I keep thinking that it just MUST be truly useful, and I just haven’t figured it out yet.
The general mindset of Helldivers is that if something works it has to be twice as deadly to players as to enemies, and whilst this is certainly the case with the Motorcycle, with only one spawn per strategem, it won’t get much opportunity to discover any utility.
More than a double spawn opportunity, the Motorcycle should be the vehicle version of the MGX42, and have callbacks after a cool down period.
Helldivers is so completely terrified of offering truly useful vehicles, that few players use them. Join any multiplayer game and you will find plenty of players choosing more viable options. This could easily be changed, but will it be?

As someone who values flavor above all else, I believe unlimited motorcycles might go against the principle that vehicles are expensive and therefore issued sparingly by helldiver command.

I dont think multiple uses break the game tho, as long as we can avoid it being viable as a meat shield instead of actual use.

The fragility of the Motorcycle results in a strategem relegated to special interests or the lowest level missions in its current form.
Vehicles in general are less than magnificent in HD, each with significant shortcomings. In earlier posts I have delineated the issues, and offered possible solutions, much to the chagrin of the gatekeepers here.
The facts are that vehicles are largely ignored by most players, the vast majority of players. I submit that this is because the vehicles are poorly conceived and poorly executed.
The notion that a vehicle is precious might be the case for those very few who deploy them, but for the majority vehicles are wall hangers, far better to look at than to put to use.
Apparently, some players live in terror of the idea that vehicles might become useful, and they imagine all kinds of scenarios where this horror plays out. To this I ask a simple question; Is there anything in the game so incredible that it significantly alters play?
The MGX42 is a fun strategem, but it doesn’t do all that much more than the original machine gun. Similarly, the ability to deploy consecutive Motorcycles wouldn’t alter the fragility or the complications associated with its use, but if it was done correctly, it could encourage those who won’t currently consider it to give it a try.
It all comes down to the question of whether or not one enjoys vehicles, and believes they have a place in the game.

Like I said, I dont think it would be too strong.
But having it limited to 2 uses (BUT without cooldown) allows you to drop enough bikes for a party of 4 with a single stratagem.

Best way to test this “too strong” theory is for players to load up on motorcycle strategems and observe what happens. Having done so, I must respectfully disagree that this will result in a romp, especially since cool down times can be so easily tweaked…However, different viewpoints do mean different conclusions.

Sure, but I think we should consider the impact of 1 stratagem first. After all, its easier to free up 1 stratagem in your loadout than all of them. If the vehicle is only useful if we take more than 1 stratagem, we kinda failed in what we attempt to do here. After all, if we pick 4 of the same vehicle strat, our vehicles tend to last the whole mission regardless of potential upgrades we discuss here (exceptions apply).

Thats another reason why I would personally prefer to just have multiple uses in one strat instead of a cooldown. It is more flexible in when to use them, even tho a stratagem on cooldown might allow more liberal use of them.

Look at it this way: If we consider the niche of the bike, mobility seems to be its strong suit.
-With multiple uses without cooldown: Any one player can decide to switch out 1 strat slot for the bike stratagem and know that for as long as the bikes last, the entire party is getting around the planet fast.
-With infinite uses with cooldown: Always only up to 2 players who use it. What is the point of a cooldown if it might not outlast the bike? (which would be another incentive to use more than 1 stratagem slot) Always at least 2 slots needed to keep the party mobile. Result?: still nobody that uses the bikes because it still requires multiple stratagem slots to get effective use out of them.

All things considered, I think the 2 uses suggestion is still the best out here. Its a simple and archievable way to satisfy multiple opinions in this debate from my point of view.


Yes, good point. I play so many solo missions I tend to forget about the needs of a team.
Whatever solution AH might try, I do wish they would give some attention to the issue of vehicles. I think that vehicles need some further tweaking, and on these pages some possible solutions have been provided.
From the position of a solo player, multiple uses would make the Motorcycle an attractive option, because when it would have to be left behind, as in carry missions, or when it gets destroyed as inevitably occurs when capturing, for example, the player is in position to still use the vehicle.
Would this change game play? Yes, in the manner that greatly improved mobility changes any play.
Would this mean that AH might tweak other aspects of the Motorcycle to compensate?
I recently used the Motorcycle on a solo snow planet, and while it was wonderfully fast, it didn’t last longer than two objectives. I think even dual use would mean multiple slots if one could hope to have it for anything approaching an entire mission.
Of course AH could simply increase the health of the Motorcycle, thus making it more viable, but that option is for another topic.