The war system is in need of a change (the Problem and possible solutions)

This will take a while:

The current Helldiver war system where the community defends all fronts needs a change!

Why does it need to change?

  1. Because the last wars all ended, as far as I know, with the defeat of Super-earth to 1 faction (Cyborgs or Illuminate, never by the Bugs) which is depressing because we were close to victory and then got pushed back because… I dunno … less people playing because the other factions arent active which means the game becomes less enjoyable (If you get bored you get offline for a while instead of changing the enemy and you hope the war is over by the time you get back online).

  2. First impressions of new players
    (This should be the most important reason if you want the game to stay alive for a bit longer)
    I see more and more new players come to the game recently and I saw throu the recent game reviews.
    They say that they like the game but because of how the war functions they cant experience the game properly. Some people got bored others stayed but some never came back because they only had one enemy faction to get their first impression.

3.(Addition to 1. and 2.)
THE WAR DRAGS OUT WITH ONE FACTION (which is very boring and stupid, you dont just want to figth the same enemy for WEEKS at some times staying in front of super earth and the war doesnt end)

  • The Bugs are almost allways the first faction to get exterminated only after 1-3 weeks after the war starts (which means it is most favored enemy factionand the players just want to face them)

I just wanted to say that the current war system got the problem of one faction get yeeted, the second gets also yeeted out of existence pretty easily, but the last faction almost never gets defeated and the time where 2 out of three factions are out of the war SHOULD NOT EXIST.

Possible solution (attempts?)

  1. A “1 front war” instead of a “3 front war”
    As far as I know is the current war based on the following system:
  • To figth a faction Helldivers must earn contribution by clearing planets with up to 3 missions each and figth the occasional boss which they can figth after 50 contibution points
    EACH FACTION IS FOUGTH INDIVIDUALLY => only planets cleared to figth this faction get added to the factions current pool which reduces after time.
  • each faction joins the war INDIVIDUALLY
  • Cyborgs got 8 Areas to conquer, Bugs 9 and Illuminate 10 between super-earth and their home planet
  • Super earth, Homeworlds and counterattacks must be successfull or loss of territory/loss of war
    Current war timelaps:
  • 1st faction joins the war and Helldivers are able to figth it
  • 2nd faction joins the war
  • 3rd faction joins the war
  • TIME
  • the first capitol (most likely Bugs) is conquerd
  • Second
  • last capitol is conquerd/ after a long time the war ends in a defeat

How to get a “1 front war” without changing any grafics or much:

Make the 1 pool of contibution points for every faction into 1 pool for all factions combined.
(remember you are the devs it doesnt need to look like 1 pool. We, the players dont even know what the Bars for the progress mean exactly and we dont know how much pregress we lose either, we assume they are the progress… keep that illusion)

On the map are 27 Areas between super earth and the enemy HQ in total.

  • If the HQ planet of an faction is conquerd let the planet and the territory in front of that HQ stay as “an area that needs to be democrotised”. It means they are conquerd but the territory still will get contibution and unlocks, but the HQ planet doesnt give 2x xp anymore, just a planet where you can do a 1 time mission if you dont have the time for an entire planet.
  • If an HQ planet is under attack let the territory infront of it stay as an “repell enemy counter attacks” territory, just the normal territory, no big changes with the 1-15 difficulty and unlocks.

=> The war changes in his inner workins but it does without big changes just illusions and 1 big pool of contribution, which may be randomized or scripted what happens after which contibution point “goal” (whitch the players doesnt see) is reached.
The main goal is to let all factions stay in the war at all times so the players can figth the enemy they want to and get the equipment (if they are new) they need to finish higher difficulty missions more easily.

Thats my Idea at its core

A simpler solution based on the above:

  • When a faction is defeated the players can still figth it normally: a territory with the 15 difficulties
  • When the players earn contribution points for the defeated faction(s) however it is divided between the still active faction(s) (rounded if they are strill 2 active factions so we get no .5s with our division by 2)
    Edit end)

If you have any further questions pls contact me,

That took some time…
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

I just thougth a little bit more and realised this may not be a “quick change” or needs “no big changes” Its quite a bit…a little more… maybe next years liberty day? I mean isnt arrowhead doing their new big game rigth now? I dont think the war system will be changed. I am a pessimist by nature… so…:c

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Hey, at least you’re trying to think of a fix instead of crucifying Arrowhead for not fixing their “broken” game.

I don’t know how progression is coded currently, but the easiest (probably not THAT easy) solution could be to change the required influence per faction. If you can split them up, change the formula that calculates required influence and increase it for the Bugs I think that’d be worth a shot.

Again, Helldivers got about 0.1 FTE so fixing that code is probably too much to hope for.

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The waterfront system had been working fine for years with the vast majority being victories rather than losses and over in 2 weeks or less, some as short as 8 days Would you like to know more?

Things seemed to have gone off the rails after liberty day 2019 where a large influx of players seemed to destabilise things. This could be combined with a few things such as boss farmers (I don’t know why this is still in the game) not farming anymore and as you suggested players dipping out when their favourite race is gone much more.

Losing/winning the war isn’t the problem IMO it’s war length. No war should last 2 months! 2-3 weeks max is good where you would have all races for the majority of that time with a period where it closes down to the last 2 then final race. The thing is as I remember it most of the time all wavefronts were pushed equally so I think it really is player behaviour that has changed.

The main problem in my opinion is that the counter attacks that happen can be devastatingly fast, 2hrs for a sector which means multiple sectors fall in a day and we are pushed back to super earth.

“Simple fix” would be tweaks to the algorithm that runs the campaign to keep the wars from dragging on too long. I’m not sure what would be best but the warfront system is part of the cool uniqueness of the game.

Alternatively make it an an endless war with no sectors and just all races all the time, I stopped caring about winning or losing the wars some time ago seems many of my fellow divers feel the same…

Wont read but agreed with war system is broken cause of [ +5 deposit ] for 2 billion of total points is useless.

  1. Each win in a row gets additional points ?
  2. Long time outside game gives you buffer that could be added to the score when win ( starcraft 2 ) ?
  3. Split win to regions like countries ? ( less points required between periods )

+1 for broken war system


Spent all the weekend trying to destroy illuminates alone. 2 days have 1.5 winloss ratio with maybe 100 wins at 12 level. Tried to get damn victory. But game? Ignores me. And now we lost 2 cities and had attacked 3rd one. Nice. Just spend my holidays.

Noone asks me to do that. But next time i will play maybe 10 games instead of 150. And each player do same. Hope you win illuminates in next 10 years once…