This week our good friends released their game Yokus Island Express! 🎊



Arrowhead have shared office space with The Villa Gorilla team for many years now, and over time we have seen them put their blood, sweat and tears into their amazing open-world pinball game Yokus Island Express.

We were privileged enough to have hosted their release party on Tuesday in the glorious sun on the terrace. It was a huge success and lovely to see so many friends and family show up for the event.

So far reviews have been amazingly positive and not only did Villa Gorilla release their game on the Switch, they also managed to simultaneously release on Xbox One and PS4! So huge congrats to the whole team :tada:

If you enjoy pinball be sure to check it out. Personally I think the art and design is stunning. :slight_smile:


Not my taste, but personally I would enjoy the game. Looks really good so far. Thank you for sharing! I will add the game to my “watchlist”.


Yup! Not trying to do the hard sell here ;D Just want to share their achievement with our community as they are such good friends. Pinball is not everyone’s cup of (Liber)tea, but there may be a few of you here who are interested.