Thor asks: What is best in life?



A good breakfast for me is prettttttty up there.


Warm socks are up there somewhere.


True friendship with your dog :slight_smile:


Buggo Head Pats


When You get cold at home take off your socks… the circulation starts working and you get warm ^^ . I do it all the time. Do so for 5 min and you will get warm,belive me . It sounds stupid but its not ^^


Besides my cats, great food prepared by my trusty cooker, girlfriend.


watching the sunset on a luke warm feb evening (feb is warm where I live).


A productive day, a good book, big sweaters, hot chocolate, TV on low, touching shoulders with your special person :beers:


Taking care of my plants. It’s really relaxing and therapeutic to nurture something!


I found this very interesting . Take a peak when you have time.


Ah yes The Magic of Reality (Richard Dawkins) I’ve only ever briefly been super happy/ high on life twice in my life and one of those was when I was lying on the beach by myself at night looking up at the stars/universe.


I checked that out, it is really interesting! I wonder if water would ever show just how many people it has been “through”?


I want to belive that is works as you said that it saved info of all the people from the history . It is also interesting that roughly 70 % of the planet is water which is close to human body that is near 70 %. Lovely stuff to think about


Cold beer and a warm barbecue, both in good company.