Tips&Tricks | Guide for beginner

Hello! I’m new to this community but not new to Helldivers, and this is my first topic. I want to guide some new Helldivers player on how to play and be good at it :grin: so here’s my guide video for beginners. watch and learn from this video :smile: feel free to ask any question if you want, i’m gladly to help you guys out! :blush: ENJOY


Pretty good. :helldivers:

The “don’t pull the screen when a fellow Helldivers is crawling/injured” is nice. I think it’s because people get used to how the " screen lock" works and then this system (I assume on purpose) breaks down when an injured player is on the screen edge and fellow Helldivers move away from him. I’d argued for a little “pop up video monitor” that would at the least show you - injured Helldiver – and what direction you’re pointing, so you could at least try to get back on-screen. But probably not happening. :slight_smile: