Topic of Concern Re: Enemy Master Fights

Hello All,

GummyFlavored (PS4) here just wanted to ask the community about a growing trend I’ve seen regarding Enemy Master Fights. I don’t really know if there is a proper term for it in Helldivers but I will simply called it Exp Farming. How the process goes is, a Diver will start a fight with an Enemy Master, defeat it, and then abort the mission before getting on the shuttle. This takes you to the mission failed screen where you are awarded the Exp for killing the boss but not the influence. Afterwards, because the mission wasn’t completed, they can start to fight the boss again. This process can go on indefinitely (or until the 3 hour time limit is up). I don’t know if this is a real problem or not, I just feel like the divers that engage in this aren’t getting the full helldivers experience, which isn’t about grinding to get levels but about tackling difficult missions with some fellow divers and sharing in the resulting chaos of success, defeat, and funny fails. Unfortunately, I don’t have any good suggestions on how to fix this problem (Other than killing the host and getting on the shuttle before they have a chance to abort the mission :frowning_face: ) but I thought I would inform the community of this trend and start a conversation about it? Thank you for your time and Happy Diving :sweat_smile:

I’ve never hosted or joined an enemy master mission where this spam technique was used, but amongst a certain group of players, spamming is definitely preferred behavior.
However, farming for exp. has happened to others, and it makes them less than happy.
It strikes me as a little ridiculous to speed leveling up, because unlike most games, the only thing that makes you a better player in HD is your own skill, which is as it should be.
Sure, some weapons available for unlock occur at higher levels, but it is a credit to the game design that such will not magically transform a marginal player into an invincible superman.
One last thought, if one rushes to level up without achieving greater skill, then that player will simply fail to meet the standard set by those who do exhibit the skill commensurate with their level.
Honestly, one of the great things about HD is that it’s not like all those other dime a dozen levels games.

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I’m very familiar with it. This is one of those subjects that comes up from time to time. Thing is, it’s not an actual problem at all. If someone wants to do it on their own time and in their own game, there’s no issue. I mean, we could say, “Well they’re not getting the full experience.” Sure, but apparently they don’t currently care to either. We could just as easily say that it’s a problem when people play with only one loadout and never change it. They’re not getting the full experience either. Should we do something about that? Nope. That’s how they want to play. I can’t say that’s how I’d play, but hey, to each their own. Why should we force anyone else to play in what our perception of the “full experience” is anymore than we should force them to play the game in the first place?

This type of stuff is done all the time in speedrunning. They’re playing games in ways that were probably never meant to played. You don’t have to admire it nor partake in it, but it’s completely harmless, and they want to do it. In this case, someone else’s rank has nothing to do with your experience and how you play the game, which is what you should be concerned about.


I “exp farmed” once but not like this me n a group spent a solid about 6 hours? Yeah I think it was 6 running nothing but helldives and boss fights

I unwittingly dropped into one of these XP farming runs on the Cyborg Master.
It was boring/frustrating, so I left the game.

This could be solved if the Masters’ well-known spammable weaknesses were removed, which would make them challenging again.

I agree with Lein that it’s really none of our business. We are not forced to join in with someone’s XP farming and can quit at any time.