Trying to 3d print a Helldivers chess set!

I am going to start making a 3d helldivers chess set, if anyone would want to help make some 3d files for pieces just post here, It is going to be Super Earth vs Bugs!


That’s cool as Hell! (sorry)
What plans do you have for the board? Objective miniatures on the sides?
One side a sandy wasteland, the middle outer space, the other side a Super Earth city?

You might poke around this 2017 Steam Helldivers forum discussion about trying to view Helldivers’ character models:

Foreverapeon pointed out this Helldivers “props” file. It only has a few things that were released to help cosplayers; they might help with a chess set too. :slight_smile:

Download Link in this forum post:

I checked, and the props download file still works. :slight_smile: However, I don’t seem to have any software that “opens” a “7z”-file extension file, whatever that is.

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I’m am going to start sketching out board ideas, however I was thinking of doing a volcanic theme for the bug side of the board, and sort of a techy “Helldivers” type look for the other, based off of the buildings colors from the game. Maybe it could have slightly different rules then chess like terrain bonuses for both sides, and different abilities then some seen in chess (Maybe the bug tank can only get hit from the back, making the way your pieces face a factor in the game). I am planning on using the bugs because they just seem the most popular to fight in the game overall, and IMO some of the cool UI in the game. Maybe the board could be bigger and both sides work against each other, like to win as the Helldivers you must complete 2 objectives across the board, and whoever plays as the bugs is trying to prevent them from extraction. I am not 100% certain on what I am going to do but if people have ideas totally share them!

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It’s a zipped archive!
People usually use 7-zip, but I like to use WinRar.

Inside are some pretty detailed images of 3D models!
Included are images of the Stalwart, Peacemaker, Gunslinger, Demolisher pack, and Mk5 Tactical helmet :)

I’d love to see them! Keep us all posted :D

Well, for helldivers models you might try to photogrammetry the player display model in Armory. It is side-lit and moving, so dont expect much, but it might give at least some starting point at getting the proportions and colormap. I had nice results with Metashape and, less decent with RealityCapture and Meshroom.
Also there is a guy on Helldivers discord who did thorough processing of insides and outs of the game (if i remember correctly, all info on damage values on Wiki is based on his work). You might want to try to contact him.


Do you know what his Discord is?


Ah, says he is not taking any friend requests, truthfully I have not used Discord much XD, I will keep trying!

Well, if you can contact him, mine is Jabob#0152

You might want to try to reach to him in general chat.

Other option you have is to figure out how to unpack Bitsquid files in Helldivers case. There is some degree of info covering the process, as far as i know, but will require some amount of digging. Would be cool if you share manual of extraction if you would go this way.

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Please post pictures of end result when you have it. I love both Helldivers and Chess, and both before watching The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix :slight_smile:

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This is very cool, would def like to see pics when you finish it :smiley: