Trying to drop reinforces on enemies seems to hurt more than help

Has anyone else noticed this?

It seems to me that attempts to drop reinforces on top of enemies nearly always hurts more than helps. That is to say, we might succeed in killing a big enemy maybe once in 100 times but get the reinforced players killed 50 times out of 100.

One big reason is that the HellPods almost never hit the enemies. I suspect this is by design because the game seems to try to fit the HellPods perfectly in the tiny spaces between the enemies if there is a large swarm. (Yet the HellPods always seem to hit friendly vehicles, even if thrown all the way across the screen from the vehicle.)

But, regardless of whether enemies are hit or not, the more common problem is that the reinforced players are almost always overrun by the enemies that the reinforcer was targeted. I’ve been in games where the death counts just keep climbing and climbing because somebody wants to win the HellPod-kill-lottery. Usually it’s a charging Behemoth that either tramples or squashes the HellDiver(s) while climbing out of the HellPod(s).

Your experiences?

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I haven’t tried the HellPod-kill-lottery … yet :sunglasses:

I would just like to add - that I have tried several times when the game starts that eventhough there is room for all four players - sometimes the first one down is also killed by the next player … and I keep on the hellpod square. In fact I think I had a game today where me and the second lander where both killed by hellpod number 3 and 4 … a really bad start … but I am nearly over it :rofl:

I hear ya. I think this is a feature, not a bug, though. If you think about it, if HellDivers were real with real physics, HellPods could indeed fall on each other while landing.

I do see a bug though where two HellPods overlap with each other as much as 90% while dropping together perfectly simultaneously (same vertical position). This should never happen, as the HellPods would never overlap with real physics unless one falls behind the other (they would have different vertical positions, landing one right after the other).

Try the HellPod-kill-lottery if you have a team of understanding players who will put up with it for a while. You’ll see how hard it is firsthand!

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I agree the helldive is keeping me on the toes as well as punching strategems, dodging stuff from the sky and killing scouts … at least it keeps my heart racing :crazy_face:

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This came up on Reddit some time back. I’ll post my response here. But yeah, it’s generally a bad idea, and you probably shouldn’t do it.

Stratagem Hellpods will land where you throw them unless they simply can’t land there. For example, if you throw the beacon up on a high rock, a Hellpod obviously can’t land there. Otherwise, you can expect it to land right where you threw it.

Now… reinforcement Hellpods are different. Reinforcement Hellpods have a bit of a mind of their own. In fact, they tend to purposefully avoid landing on enemies. If you throw a reinforce beacon on an IFV, assuming the IFV stays still and the Hellpod has somewhere else to go, the Hellpod won’t crush the IFV. Usually the only times you’ll see reinforcement Hellpods crush enemies is when they walk into the Hellpod’s path after it has already locked on its location, or it simply has nowhere else to go. This is why it’s generally a bad idea to try to use reinforcement Hellpods to kill enemies—usually you’re only putting teammates in harm’s way.

Original post:

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I’ve experienced death upon landing, death upon recall due to enemy swarms, and also death due to an inability to move out of the way of enemies due to map features, other players, and various obstacles.
Killing enemies with strategems and call backs seems a low percentage opportunity at best, at least in my own play.
I’ve gotten to the point where I try to escape as many enemies as possible before calling. This often improves survival chances, unfortunately it often means an additional sortie to retrieve equipment.
I’ve played with a number of others who never allow a player to retrieve their equipment, and there are times when enemy swarms make retrieval daunting, but I do believe retrieval of equipment is important.
I don’t imagine the developers wanted recall and strategems to be weapons, just purveyors of death at odd times.

Glad to get some confirmation that others have noticed the same–thanks.

Sadly, this seems to cause me to be kicked by some impatient hosts, so I don’t do it any more. What I do is throw in a direction away from the enemies and then stand and defend the landing reinforces as best I can.

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If you’ve no anti tank option then reinforce hellpod is one hell of a hail mary and rarely ends well. Ammo call down is a viable option though :skull_and_crossbones:


Ammo reinforcement as an only means to kill tanks is totally a viable thing. Provided you have statics and rail gun, doing bug retaliatory solo impossible or helldive is doable.

Or just LOTS of ammo…


Now that would be a real challenge for retaliatory.


Sounds like fun.
If we get a couple more likeminded chaos enthusiasts we’ll have to do a retaliatory strike.
Be advised though - i’m out of practice and a tad rusty.

I agree on all the points I have read, but if I missed something shouldn’t Precision call in brings the odds of killing an enemy up, because the killing a enemy via reinforcment can be seen as a weapon and that is the perk for that tactic… Just a theory that needs a bit of testing on my part …

True, even solo Cyborg RS is doable without AT, you can use resupply to kill tanks:

And watching that video nowadays I look quite slow and sloppy on that run, so there’s even margin for errors.

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Yup, resupply is always the best option to kill enemies that require AT. SOS is even better because of the 2 seconds to drop, but it’s one use only. SOS is also a nice wall against enemies on RS, just make sure every player will drop the same SOS beacon on the same spot.

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Nicely done mikasa. I have done cyborgs solo helldives RS with AT. I don’t think I would have the patience to let IFVs keep spawning grotesque LOL. Your vid is fantastic and you’re an awesome player. Are you on PS4 by any chance? I don’t think I’ve played with you at all.

Thanks. I do those challenges to see how far I can go. And yeah, I’m on PS4.