Unable to buy helldivers ultimate edition on ps4 while having the dive harder version


i received helldivers dive harder on ps plus some time back. love the game. id like to upgrade it to the ultimate editon and get all the dlc as its currently on sale. but the ps store wont let me. it says i can buy the dive harder edition, which i already have, but that i cant buy the ultimate edition which i do not have. it seems to think they are reversed. i have friends who have the same issue. i would like to upgrade for the price advertised in the store, about 7.50 euro. can anyone help me?

Other than creating another profile on your PS4 and purchasing it through that account, which would give you the same access but is not an ideal solution. your only other option will be to purchase the DLC - hopefully it is available as a bundle to save you some money but if not - and you enjoy the game as much as most of us here - then the cost will be massively diluted by the hours played and the new toys will be fun to mess around with and no doubt soak up more of your game time

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Your best bet, IMO, would be to contact Sony PlayStation Support and ask them for help. It would probably work if they removed the base game licence from your account, so that you can purchase the ultimate edition.

Alternatively Arrowhead could ask Sony to get their heads out of their ass and re-release or rebundle the game, with a possible new upgrade bundle for owners of the base game.

But, you know, the first option will probably work for you right now, while the second option may never happen.