Update idea for Helldivers on PS5

I have managed to get my hands on PS5 and of course I tried playing PS4 Helldivers on it and it looks and runs very well, but after playing Astro’s Playroom I am left wondering how amazing it would be to get an update for Helldivers on PS5 where the DualSense controller can start providing haptic feedback for all kinds of gameplay conditions.

Just imagine feeling the whoosh of firing RL-112 or the ratatatatata of firing MG-194 or the crack of firing an Arc weapon or getting stuck and barely able to move in Static Field Conductors or getting thwomped by a Hellpod.

It would be an undertaking but I think it would be a very fun learning project for the development team and IMHO it would also be the most meaningful update and upgrade for the game on PS5. Plus you can use what you learn on your future next-gen games.