[UPDATED] Glitches/Bugs in Helldivers



Just thought I would drop all my work that I spend discovering uncommon bugs…
Because limit I can’t directly send here GIFs so I will send links to most of them on steam.

Steam GIFs/Screenshots

Its so satisfying to find a bug/glitch im still searching more!
I have discovered way more but didn’t have chance to GIF it…

EDIT: Keep in mind this topic will be updated once i will GIF more of bugs.
EDIT2: I’m going to add few pictures with bugs as well.


Flying magazines v2

Walking on APC in lava pool
com-video-to-gif (6)

HAV defuses mine
com-video-to-gif (7)

Carring 2 Blackboxes
com-video-to-gif (5)

APC the lava fish
com-optimize (3)

Can’t drop second blackbox
com-video-to-gif (4)

We can finally reload REC… oh wait WHAT?!
com-optimize (6)


HAV on the rocks

Flying YOPG

Insta-death place but i managed to survive

YOPG outside of the map

Outside of the Arena

YOPG holding Patriot (primary weapon) and blackbox at once

Waste ammo? No problem

Objective destroyed but still alive and counting

Empty space

I should help them?


Ghost defusing mine :open_mouth:

Tesla Turret is not working!

2 objectives spawned near

Blackbox without yellow thing around it

Not going to comment that…

Hellbomb underground

Why we Helldivers can’t walk here too? :frowning:


Did you do that by jumping on Shuttle and then letting it leave or did you somehow manage to land on the crippled IFV??


Yes jumped on the Shuttle and then letting it fly away.




About the GIF where rumbler explodes on your hands… i have maybe an explanation : empty flying magazine/bolts and some dead bodies on ground has hitboxes or has rumbler’s conflict, making rumbler boom in your hands, if you look carefuly your screen, theres some little rocks flying on the wind. maybe that is :wink:
And if you’re able to carry 2 box, you can drive or get in in a vehic.
I also have no screenshot or video, but there’s some magma pool where you dive into and … survived.

PS : the funny fact when your immortal after the shuttle go while you were on roof is you can melee enemies on the ground lol


IMO he just used meelee attack to the last Rumblers projectile. No rock needed. Just strong fist :stuck_out_tongue:


To make rumbler explode at your face you need melee quick enough, or take cardio and quickly sprint when you shot rumbler.


Breaker’s shells also makes rumbler’s rockets explode.


That’s crazy how did you test that!?


Don’t even ask… Just my unlucky day and I noticed it.
Tested it many times with friend after that, looks like Breaker’s shells makes Rumbler’s rockets explode when in contact.


Do they affect anything else?


Hard to say… probably Obliterator’s grenades too. Its very rare though.


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I dont have a video for this glitch, but anyone see something wrong here ?


This happened to me only once. Solo extract


Happened twice to me.