User Generated\Suggested Content

Here you can make posts about content you would like to see added to Helldivers. User generated content, and suggestions for content, are welcome.

Posting User Generated\Suggested Content

  • Post pictures of what you have created. (Anything from simple sketches to full 3D renderings are fine.)

  • If you have a suggestion remember to be specific, and describe the content you would like to see in detail. (Important for those whitout a physical representation of their ideas.)

  • Explain your creation. What does it Do?
    Is it a weapon, an armor? If it’s a weapon, what would it’s stats be like?

  • Why should this be added to Helldivers? (It could be a necessity, or just a cool idea.)

Why Make This Topic?
Helldivers already has plenty of DLC content, and delivers a fulfilling experience as is. The likelihood of our content ending up in-game is probably non-existent, but it could happen.

That being said, this topic is primarily here for us to share content ideas with Arrowhead Devs, and the Helldivers community.

IMPORTANT: Remember to be respectful of others and their ideas. Positive feedback and constructive criticisms are welcomed.


Nice, exactly the kind of topic I was hoping for (but was hesitant to create myself)!

New Perk idea:

  • FREE Armor
    The Fire Resistant Enviroment Enforcer armor effectively makes a helldiver completely resistant to the effects of fire.
    No longer will enemies, teammates with flame based weapons or envorimental hazards such as lava set fire to a Helldiver, while at the same time significantly reducing the incoming damage from fire based weapons (FLAM-40 Incinerator, FLAM-24 Pyro, and comparable enemy weapons) or the lava itself.
    Note, however, that prolonged exposure to lava, such as when standing under a lava fountain for too long or when being submerged in a pool of lava will still lead to certain death. Also, projectiles from weapons that carry fire as an additional effect (such as DBS-2 Double Freedom and PLAS-1 Scorcher) will still do regular damage, but without setting the user on fire.

  • Toxic Materials Armor
    Similar to the “FREE” armor, this armor provides protection exclusively against all forms of toxins, negating any and all DOT effects from both friendly and hostile toxic attacks, as well as significantly reducing (but NOT completely negating) direct damage from friendly and hostile toxic attacks. Never again will you be slowed down by toxic attacks from Bug Stalkers, Brood Commanders or Bug Masters, and you also won’t die thrice over after getting just a tiny splash of toxins on your shiny suit from a friendly Avenger user (or from friendly Rumbler shots or Missile Barrages); stepping into one of the Bug Masters puddles of deadly slime suddenly isn’t such a big problem as well, just make sure not to stand in it too long. And don’t let friendly divers spray you with their green goo too long…

This next one is a Stratagem idea I copied from my post on the subreddit from a while ago (

  • RUSH-330 "Combat Accelerator Pack"
    Did you ever feel the need to reload faster so that you could shoot more and deliver MOAR freedom in a shorter amount of time? This backpack item would be your answer! At Mk I you would call in this one-use item and once picked up it would occupy your backpack slot.
    Through a combination of smartly designed pouches, straps and gyroscopic arm-braces the RUSH-330 “Combat Accelerator Pack” would enable a Helldiver to reach his ammo much faster while allowing for more precise controls over his weaponry in combat, essentially halving all weapon reload times.
    At Mk II the RUSH-330 would be equipped with reinforced and motorized arm-braces which would allow for faster weapon-switch times as well as faster pick-up times (weaponry, items and personell) off the ground.
    At Mk III this Stratagem would allow for 2 uses, so that you can share the speed-rush with a friend.
  • Fight faster! Fight MOAR! Spam your favourite weapons like a madman (Gunslinger, Machine Gun, Rumbler, Railgun, etc.).
  • Pick up your friends and your gear off the ground before that IFV shoots you in the head.
  • Make your teammates hate you for burning through all that precious ammo at an insane rate (bonus-points if you don’t bring your own ammo).
  • Be MOAR reckless! Why learn the timing of IFVs, Hunters, etc. if you are the fastest fool on the field? Just pick up EVERYTHING!!
  • RUMBLER SPAM! SOOOO much Rumbler spam!!

…in all seriousness, I really want this item so that I can spam the Gunslinger and the Singe much more, especially while downed and on the ground. The reload times of those things are a nightmare… :slight_smile:


I want to reload my MG faster too

We have talked about a “Fast Hands” type Perk that let’s you reload and switch weapons faster. I think it would be fantastic to cut reload and weapon switch times in half at the expense of your Perk. I want my Gunslinger NOW, not in 2 seconds, haha!

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I would love to change the color of my vehicle strategems.

Using a set of colors pre chosen in the same area as capes and armor, it would be nice to drop a volcano red, snow white, or pitch black Bastion tank.

I would happily venture into combat zones and spend resource points to aquire an exciting new paint job for my Stomper exosuit.


Thats great idea @Molochio_Aderre. I like it.

About the reloading: it would also be cool. But remember, this is co-op game. And it would destroy the need of assisted reload. And it’s against the games spirit.

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Thank you @Vali , it’s a pleasure to share my ideas.

On the contrary, my fast reloading perk suggestions was only for primary weapons such as the Justice, Punisher, Stalwart, and the like.

It would not change the speed of stratagem weapons, such as the Recoiless Rifle, which are often crew serve, and require more than one Helldiver to achieve optimal results.

I would like to suggest optional missions within the map of the mission, so if you want to do them, give recopensa bonuses as samples in a certain amount as a research point this would help many of the new ones to enjoy the weapons and stratagems better since improving them costs a little. and it would be an apollo for them: D

I do not speak English but I use the google translator to try to express my suggestions I’m sorry if you do not understand them well: D

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Gramtically wrong… but I can still understand. And yeah, I do agree :smiley: @brandonVII


Hello all,
New to the forum, enjoying Helldivers too much. I really appreciate that local play occurs upon a full screen, and that both local players can play online.
That said, I would like to share some suggestions. First, how about a 3 person vehicle? We have 1, 2, and 4, but no three. It could be done as a half-track, upgraded just like the other vehicles. I personally find the APC to be handicapped with less than 4 players, and a 3 seater seems like a logical extension.
I do have other ideas, however I will begin with this one.

When playing Helldivers, my character is often on foot. My playing style employs a healthy amount of Melee, thus my typical weapons are those sporting bayonets.
My issue is that if I try to use Melee to save a fellow player, the attack invariably focuses on the player, not on the enemies.
I really hate this part of the play. There are several reminders that this is a cooperative game in the forums, so this is really out of place. We can only help a player up, we cannot rescue them with a well timed Melee. Too often, this comes down to killing a player to get at the enemy, or letting the enemy run up damage before it can be neutralized. Neither option is acceptable.
I suggest a Melee that focuses on the enemy PRIMARILY. Personally, this change would greatly enhance my play.

Maybe I’m just misunderstanding you, but I’m pretty sure melee doesn’t have “focus”. I think you can only attack one thing at a time (e.g. you can’t kill two Hounds with one swing—barring lag/netcode), however, so if you kill a teammate with a stab, the enemy immediately next to him won’t die with that same stab.

I do wish to mention that I find Helldivers challenging and thrilling. The missions are truly intense, and I love the firefights.
I don’t know what AH will do with this game, but I do hope they will consider another extension soon.
I know the community would love another alien race, more rewards for higher level players, a purpose for samples in addition to upgrades, and even space battles.
We want to continue to play. Thanks for a great game.

Yes Lein, there is only one target per Melee attack. My issue lies with the Melee in close quarters with both enemies and players present. I find that the Melee then favors attacking fellow players. I am not a player who enjoys killing my teammates, so this really affects my play.

No, I don’t find that to be the case at all. Your aim just has to be right. If you’re using a bayonet and there’s an enemy next to a teammate and the teammate is close enough to you where killing them is even a possibility, then you just shouldn’t be using melee there (you can switch to the Peacemaker and use single shots).

Anyway, I’m fairly confident there’s no “focus” to melee for teammates—the attack just lands where you put it. If it kills a teammate, then that’s just bad placement. Nothing wrong with the weapon.

Well, Lein, when dogs are chomping on downed players, my bayonet will invariably strike the player first. Also, in the city event with enemies right in front of my bayonet, players get the steel first. Try it, try to save a downed player worried by dogs with Melee. If you can do this without harming your teammate on the ground, then I am in need of improvement, as you say. I haven’t tried yet to save them with the sidearm. That’s something I will put to the test. At this point I try not to Melee at all when close to teammates.
I don’t think I have bad aim, because I regularly make long precise shots, even on off screen targets, but I could always learn more.
I really have found that Melee favors damaging teammates first, so this factor does alter my play. Thus, I now only use it in when in dire situations.
Thanks for the responses Lein.

Nope. I already know not to do that. Like I’ve already said:

Peacemaker is perfect for dogs around downed teammates. Bayonet is not. Neither is a Rumbler, nor a Shredder, etc. It’s just not the right tool for for that particular job. But you already said you’d try it, so there’s no point in me driving that further.

I actually didn’t say that. I’ve never even played with you before to my knowledge.

I still disagree, but even if I’m wrong, it still means it would be a bad idea for you to melee near teammates with a bayonet, so it really doesn’t matter who’s right about that.

Not a problem.

Perhaps there could be some more ways to use influence to make it slightly more useful. A possible example could be to spend it for research points(obviously there would need to be some kind of exchange rate). Could be a neat Idea.

Harder Helldives.

  • larger fields of enemy anti-air cover
  • introduce enemy mobile air denial (SPAAGs) that move around. Could also have a brutal (but clearly telegraphed) anti infantry attack for fighting off rude visitors
  • longer reuse timers on all call downs during Helldives (you’re deeper in enemy territory)
  • include some mid-tier foes in wandering patrols (you never see some of them in Helldives otherwise)
  • longer wait on shuttle at end, possibly relax the cool down penalty at this time

“Come and have a go, if you think you’re hard enough!”

Looking throught the Forum and checking the different threads suggesting new content, I’ve come to question the usefulness of having 4 threads for basically the same purpose; are individual threads for PERKS, WEAPONS, and STRATAGEMS not redundant if we have this thread?
I feel it’d be enough if we just typed out the category of our suggestion(s) at the the top of our post.

However, I do realize that I’m also guilty of posting in the other threads, so my question is if it wouldn’t be good to compile all original suggestions from all the other posts into this one and close and archive the other ones. I don’t think us Community Ambassadors have the necessary priviliges to do that, though, because I’d be more than happy to compile the other threads into a single thread.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Let me know what you guys think.

In any case…