Very serious bugs of the Proving Ground mode

When playing Proving Ground mode, if the Host disconnect(He can unplug the cable), some serious bugs will appear.
1.In Illuminate Proving Ground, the timer will go to zero when Host disconnect, so cheaters can use this bug after the shuttle landing.
2.In Bug Proving Ground, the timer will stop when Host disconnect, so cheaters can use this bug when the mission start.
It looks like other players have found these bugs.
I don’t think it’s reasonable to give out the cape before the bug is fixed.
My steam ID: [Xu]Eletrophilicity, a 1500h player.

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Yeah there’s another thread I started that shows video of this.

ya today a player in my IM group made a 11s record in bug proving ground, i ask him how to do this and he told me he found this bug by accident.

hopefully it gets fixed soon before they give out capes.

UPDATE:We found that the type of bug is related to challenge mode, not enemy race.
If the challenge mode is finishing mission(like protect the launchpad), the bug is that the timer stop.
If the challenge mode is Extermination, the bug is that the timer back to zero.

When you delete the local save file, turn off the cloud save function, and start the game offline, you will meet different proving ground mission.The mission can be refreshed when you restart the game (keep offline) until you find a easy one, then start game in online mode and the mission you choice still exist.
For example, the Cyborg proving ground in this campaign is a level 15 mission, a cheater can use this method make it change to a level 5 mission, it’s almost impossible for anyone who play normallyelse to be faster than him.
Whats more, after choose an easy mission, a cheater can still use Host-main-menu-exit bug to make a time record of just a few seconds.

Thanks Tachyon, good finds!

Hey, thanks for the report. I just want to acknowledge that we have read this and are looking into how the reproduce and fix it!