Warlords love Hammer Time

I played again on Steam after a few Wars long break. Had a great time and felt this gameplay was worth taking the time to do some editing and then uploading and sharing.

Hopefully any of you that watch it, enjoy it



Honestly, the RS missions seem to be unique unto themselves. More like gladiator matches than special forces ops. Personally, I much prefer the standard mix of objectives to the RS kill em all, however this is an excellent video, enjoyed it much. Glad you saw fit to post it here.

I enjoy having one RS mission in every 3 mission planet I play where two are regular objective runs. Glad you enjoyed the video.

Since you liked that RS video, maybe you will also like this video from an Objectives mission where we also used the Hammer

That was a crazy mission! Probably 3/4 of my runs go solo, so I rarely use the Motorcycle, but I love it nonetheless. Fun.

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I actually started using the Hammer more while playing solo because most people didn’t want to play with it or would be too careless with their friendly fire and blow it up.

In solo, I got better at how to drive it and figured out it is actually great at despawning enemies which allows you to complete a Capture before new scouts show up. You could also go between two Geological Survey stations using bike to complete those without being bothered by any troops that alarm because if you drive away fast enough, they all despawn.

Here is another memorable video for you with just 2 players using Hammer on Snow vs Cyborgs

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Yes, good points.
I abandoned the Motorcycle once I was confronted with its fragility. Mission level 6 and above really displayed the low health, and even with the REP 80, it disappeared too quickly to be effective in my own play.
Early on, however, it was hands down my favorite vehicle. The sheer speed and the power slides were loads of fun. The mounted MG worked great, and the tracked side car … just a great touch.
Your posts have me thinking about the Motorcycle once again.
Thanx for the video, always interesting to see how others approach the game. Reminds me of the possibilities the game offers, and that is a very good thing.:+1:

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With great fragility, comes great responsibility :ghost:

To keep inspiring you to think about and maybe even use the Hammer more, here is some Hammer fun in a Retaliatory Strike mission vs the squishy Illuminates

Well I never imagined the Motorcycle could destroy Orbs that easily. Some really admirable driving going on there. I did try one mission, solo, using the Motorcycle recently, with objectives spread across the map, and was great fun until the enemies keyed on it.
Thanks for the video, it brought out a smile.:grin:

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Took Hammer for anther spin in a Cyborgs Hell Dive Retaliatory Strike. This time backed up by some Bastion tanks.

IFVs can really dominate the field. One of the things I most dislike about the R. S. missions is the small map, which prevents maneuvering in any fashion beyond attempted survival flight.
I commend those who enjoy the challenge and excel at it. Good video!

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