Warnings and Bans



The Arrowhead Community Team operates a tiered system of warnings and associated forum suspensions of various lengths, depending on the severity and number of transgressions of the rules.

The list below shows the structure of our warning and suspension policy. Please be aware that if a transgression of the rules is severe enough, this policy may be bypassed completely in favour of permanent revocation of a forum user’s posting privileges.


Coupled with this listing, leniency may be applied when issuing a posting suspension if a period of more than 12 months has elapsed between the current warning and any previous action. This leniency lies entirely at the discretion of the Arrowhead Community Team.

A permanent ban from the forums will prevent the ability to log into the forums at all.

Suspension & Appeals

Temporary suspension of posting privileges occurs in line with the above laid out reprimand policy. The duration of a suspension increases every time they are issued due to the accumulation of forum warnings. Forum users are fully entitled to appeal against any actions taken that result in a warning or suspension of forum posting privileges.

Appeals can be made by sending a PM to an Arrowhead Staff member, which includes full justification for the behaviour that caused the issue of the reprimand, plus a solid case for the reinstatement of forum posting privileges must be presented.

The Arrowhead Community Team will decide based on the case presented. If this decision is unsatisfactory for the user, then they may request escalation of the support ticket, where a final decision will be made by the Arrowhead Community Manager.

Decisions regarding the revocation or reinstatement of forum posting privileges lie solely with the Arrowhead Community Team, and any decisions made are final.

Permanent Banning & Appeals

Permanent bans are rarely issued, and only in severe cases where a forum user has grossly violated the rules or has demonstrated a proven track record of disruptive and abusive behavior over the course of multiple months, after repeated warnings and temporary suspensions.

As with warnings and temporary suspensions, permanent bans are issued on a per character basis. Permanent bans are not eligible for general appeal after a given length of time.

Those who have been permanently banned from the forums may however appeal if they feel they have been banned unfairly, or in error.

Decisions regarding permanent forum bans lie solely with the Arrowhead Community Team, and any decisions made regarding their issue are final.


If any user has an issue or complaint regarding the conduct of our forum moderators, the Arrowhead Community Team can be reached by PM or sending an email to support@arrowheadgs.com

If any user has an issue or complaint regarding the conduct of a member of the Arrowhead Community Team, our internal affairs department can be reached via email info@arrowheadgs.com.

Any complaints received are taken extremely seriously and will be fully investigated.


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