We've been nominated for "Sweden's Best Offices"

We’re super excited to have been nominated for Sweden’s Best Offices! We are up against some stiff competition from other offices like Coca-Cola, Volvo and Microsoft but we remain optimistic that our “second home with a Nordic feel” will do well!

You can see our office photos here and vote.


Hope you win! Sooooooooooo does the new office make you more productive on the new game?? CAUSE I NEED TO KNOW WHAT IT IS AND WHEN I CAN PLAY IT. :stuck_out_tongue:

According to photos, you are doing pretty good though. Better than I expected :stuck_out_tongue: (IKEA furniture spotted ;D but it looks nice)

Edit: how can I vote? Don’t see any vote button there.

I think the competition ended a few weeks ago :frowning: We didn’t get top 10, but if I remember correctly we were in the top 15!

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You’re bribing them with a Helldivers bug cake, aren’t you :wink: