What about more weather and terrain effects?

This would be harder to pull off on underpowered/older game consoles, but what about weather and more terrain effects?

Rolling fog, blizzards, and hard rain would reduce visibility for friend and foe, like the smoke rounds. Some of the volcanoes should be smoking all the time, with wind determining which way the smoke blows.

Hard rain should increase the number of puddles and mud, making movement harder for anything without treads.

How about fast-moving rivers/streams where the player will get swept downstream for as long as they are fording it? If they fall down from getting hit they get swept away faster and drown. Vehicles would have a hard time crossing too.

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Extra effects like weather would be amazing for a Helldivers 2, or whatever game comes next.

The sad reality is that such an addition would be to much work for a game like Helldivers.
Unlike MMO games like War Thunder whos Graphics and effects are updated massively on a yearly bases, Arrowhead would need to add these kind of effects into a new game to make the work worth the income they’d get. :frowning:

But if I were to Dream, I’d love to see more effects and enviroments in Helldivers!
Its a bit unrelated but i’d like to fight on the Urban city maps more often, they are so rare since they only last like 3 hours a time!


I think fog could be done easily. They have already proven they can do smoke with the grenades and smoke bomb. Fog would be smoke that covers a large region and that doesn’t go away after a certain duration (unless they implement wind, but they won’t).

I would expect fog to occur at the early morning sunrise missions on humid planets and cover large areas of the map.

Hard rain and blizzard are probably out of the question.

Rivers are probably a maybe, leaning towards no (due to the moving water animation).

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Yeah, Fog would certainly be the easiest. It would be nice to see, could shorten the spotting range of enemies, but would massivly hinder the players ability to see invisible enemies or Cyborg Dogs! The panic alone would cause some friendly fire :wink: hehe.

Hmmm, yeah, making it specific to times and locations would make it easier to add…i think xD
A Dev would have 100% experiance with game editing obviously xD

P.s, What about cracking Ice? Ice on the snow maps that cracks and gives way if you dont get off it in time, or perhaps if a grenade goes off on it.

This alone is the reason we should do fog!

Or how about this: fog rolls in randomly in some enemy master maps!
It would make it harder for the enemy master farmers to keep spamming the same map.

Yes! Fall through and have to be pulled out or die within several seconds. Just like in real life, people can fall in while trying to pull you out.


That would be awesome! Have it work similar to helping up a downed player! And depending on the size of the gap, the player has to swim to the edge or risk drowning in the cold waters! Savage xD

That’d be interesting (the Boss fights) only i cant even fight the bosses xD i suck.
The boss fight issue should be a quick no RP gain for mission failure.

This can be just like the slow movement through the static field, just with the player’s head above his splashing animation. Should be do-able in HellDivers 1. The speed of movement should be faster than the static field, but not too fast, as it is hard to swim with body armor on.

Whoa, just thought of something. As with real ice, crawling over the ice will make it so that you don’t fall through (spreads your weight out across a larger surface area).

One more terrain idea!

Quicksand in the deserts!

If you crawl across it, you can get out slowly. Try to stand and you sink in and die after a certain amount of time. Mash the X button to climb out if you’ve fallen in, then the Square button to crawl to crawl safely across to firm ground.

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Saves on making new animations for the players.

Oooooohhhh! That would be a great idea! A natural like static field/Barbed wire! Crawling is fine but be carful not to stop and fire or you’ll sink. They should have added that to the desert worlds instead of mines. Good idea!

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The best part is that they already have some of the quicksand animations. The Bug Master in desert arenas kind of has a “jumping up out of and diving down into sand” animation going. Do the reverse of that for quicksand.

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I just realized that the windy-sandstorm animation on the desert planets can be used for a fog animation too. Just make it thicker/heavier and harder to see through.

So we have a windy fog (heavy sandstorm) and a standing fog (smoke grenade).

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Oh yeah! The elements are there then!

Well, it’s Helldivers. Maybe… The Devil’s Rain? :scream:

P.S. Ernest Borgnine and 1975 era special effects may be harmful/offensive to some younger viewers…

I trust that Arrowhead’s ‘more ambitious’ next game will do a lot more with terrain and weather effects, among other things. :slight_smile: