What bothers me the most about this game

First off, let me say I love this game. I usually spend all my time in Diablo3, but I always come back to Helldivers when the D3 season is nearing completion. I have all the expansion packs and consider myself a pretty experienced player.

This 1 person decision kicks is what I hate the most though. I never use a trident or mines. These are #1 things which will cause friendly fire kills and get you in trouble. But getting kicked from a game because you are playing with a 12-year-old who is upset because you are trying to get objectives done and running ahead is really flipping annoying.

Why is it not a group vote? Why hasn’t this been changed yet?

Wait… which one of you is running ahead?
If it’s the 12 year old running off, I guess there’s not much you can do but keep searching for a good match!

If you’re the one running ahead, I’ll just say that personally, I have had just as much fun slowing down and matching someone’s pace, as I have when in a party of 4 just bulldozing everything in our path.
Why not give it a go?

Either way communication is key - you’d be surprised just how differently two people see the same situation if they’re not talking to each other.
Even the 4 simple voice lines and cues with a gun or a stratagem throw can make a world of difference, try communicating with people and I’m sure things will be better.

Host kick has always seemed like the lesser of evils, in my opinion. Any other method to deal with actual problematic players would just make it potentially more difficult to deal with them, and could even be exploited by them.

A vote kick requiring 3 votes would make it too difficult to kick anyone: what one person might see as a troll, another might see as an inexperienced player simply learning how to play the game.
Additionally, 2 players working together could simply join a 2 player game, and now neither can be kicked, so they’re free to troll to their heart’s content.

A vote kick requiring 2 votes might work, but you run into an even more troubling issue with that: now the aforementioned tag-team trolls can now go into 1 and 2 player games and kick out the people that were just playing.

Majority vote could work, but how does it get handled in a 2 player game? First passed the post seems like the obvious answer, but now that allows the above issue to reach a sort of apex: now single players can join other single players and kick them from their own games.

Making the host immune to being kicked holds some promise as a solution, however it only acts as a partial solution to trolls kicking out players from people’s games, since they could still kick out the other player the host is playing with, then leave immediately after.
A solution to that would be to allow the host to choose who can’t be kicked, but that’s just the inverse of the current system and is unlikely to really help. Especially since the host is sometimes the problematic player, and so making them or anyone else immune to being kicked completely undermines whatever kick system is put in place.

While there may be other ways to change the kick system, I doubt that they’re anymore fair AND less open to exploitation. Seems best to simply give the host unilateral authority to kick who they want as it allows them to act quickly against trolls and, if the host is the problem, others can simply leave.
However, I’ll admit that I’m rather pessimistic about this (anonymity brings out the worst in people) and none of this accounts for the (at least on PS4) small playerbase that may not even have trolls in it at this point.


If the group voting would be better I’m sure AH would replace it, but apparently it’s not.

I absolutely would not want a group vote. The “Host is god” system is best. When you join someone else’s game, you are a guest in their lobby. Their rules, their wishes. If that doesn’t suit you, then this isn’t the lobby for you. You can either join a different one, or host your own lobby in which you would hold that power. It’s like in real life; if someone hosts a party at their house, they reserve the right to kick anyone out at any time for any reason—and that’s how it should be… it’s their house. It’s not a voting matter simply because there’s other people present. They’re just guests too.

If at the end of a day, you just want to sit down and play some Helldivers, and you’d be cool with other people tagging along for your ride so long as they follow your rules and wishes, then you should be able to do that.

Besides, if you think the host is being childish, I don’t know why you’d want to stay even if you could anyway.

Image starting your own lobby to unlock some planet rewards or collect samples, and at some point everyone else just votes to kick you out of your own game because it’d be funny of whatever else. Maybe you’re a newer player trying to learn the ropes, and everyone else in the room is much more experienced than you and have decided they would be better off without the extra weight. In that case, I think we’d be reading a very different thread.

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