What custom emojis would be nice to have?


Leave your recommendations in this thread.


  • Skull
  • Thumbs up
  • Thumbs down
  • Super Earth icon
  • Hellpod
  • Shuttle
  • SOS beacon
  • Nuke
  • Enemy faction icons


I think if you can get the same set of custom Helldivers emojis here that are used in the Helldivers discord, that would be awesome.



I also think you should add emojis from the helldivers discord cough :behemoth: cough


A .zip file of the Helldivers Discord emojis has been sent to Wingfrog at her request. You’ll get your behemoth emoji soon. :wink:


:zoink: perhaps… it would be the arrowhead logo but with an apple on top of the head. :bow_and_arrow: :apple: kinda of a backstory to how the arrow got there in the first place.


Some basic custom emojis of our Arrowhead-head and all the games’ logos are up. There is ofc more coming shortly! Sitting here syncing aaall our old archives and repositories to a new machine, to get at the good stuff :smiley:

:arrowhead_black: :arrowhead_white: :magicka: :showdown_effect: :gauntlet: :helldivers:

:hd_bugs: :hd_cyborgs: :hd_illuminate:

:hd_bug_warrior: :hd_cyborg_soldier: :hd_illuminate_apprentice:


:hd_cyborg_soldier: Lovely! It looks epic! Can’t wait for more. :hd_cyborgs: