What do the other 3 Do?

Couldn’t help but notice that when the objective is to Escort Survivors from the downed shuttle, there are always 4 of them. Assuming that one must be the pilot, what exactly is the deal with the other 3?
Why always 4 survivors, and why do they dress like nerd clones from Star Trek?
Sure, one could imagine a pilot, co-pilot, and navigator, but that still leaves one more. Does the Helldiver shuttle have it’s own greeter?
Since the shuttle apparently has an extra crew member or two, why doesn’t it have any armament? Isn’t it a stretch that a shuttle which routinely drops into the hot zone carries no means of defense?
These are some of the things I think about after escorting survivors upon enemy infested worlds.

Well, uniforms are uniforms, kinda makes anyone look the same, and maybe super earth punishes individuality so they all wear it as should xD

As for why there are 4? Maybe these arent downed combat drop ships, but logistic shuttles.
The dead divers we sometimes see could be from downed drop ships but the survivors are logistics. They could be anything from the following Pilot, Co-Pilot, Nav, Labourer/Loader, Communications, Passengers (been taken to another work site), Builders (enroute to a forward base or to start building settlments), Colonists (eager to start before the planet is secure xD)

Just use your imagination :slight_smile:
As for being defenceless, maybe its because they are relying upon the helldivers for defence? Or maybe their armed escort bailed on them and left them for dead? XD

I suppose they all look the same because Super Earth is super democratic which means everyone is the SAME; poor, rich everyone wears the same uniforms and have the same strength in the politics.

I believe they were colonists and tried to escape from the planet right after the invasion, which could be the main reason why their Shuttle was shot down. I’m sure their pilot is dead and guards as well. They are just a civilians/colonizers without a special rank.

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I like to look at them as upcoming recruit’s, that have the privilege to see first hand what it means to be a Helldiver.

Interesting responses all.
Personally, I don’t have a favorite theory, but I was kind of leaning towards the greeter motif.

There were others once… we don’t talk about the others…

I am not sure if it’s joke about Marx-Leninism, or not :smiley:

My theory is: 3 of them are always unimportant solders. Theirs work is just to look like the important one. Because if 3 of them die, nothing happens. But what if the last one die? Mission fails :stuck_out_tongue: so the last one must always be some general scientist or sth.