What image did you send Discobot in the Tutorial?

Soooo, I decided to complete the Discobot Tutorial today xD
And one of the tasks is to send them a picture in your reply :smiley:

So I would like to know what everyone sent them (If you did send one)
And preferably only if its suitable to post here /:

So, as OP i guess I’ll start :slight_smile:

I sent Discobot my own drawing i did in MS Paint xD

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Wow it’s quite the theme going on here

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Hahahaha, thats why I sent a Pony xD
Because he sent a unicorn :confused:

I guess I like playing with fire. I sent this one:


I sent this one, my outfit before reset of my rank… I miss it so much.
Though Discobot liked it, he got the same style! : D

I sent this:

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I sent this, don’t question it xD