What is your worst foe - bosses not included?

For me it is these guys - for me personally they often make a good situation :sunny: turn bad :skull_and_crossbones:

  1. Bug Impaler - I really hate this guy
  2. Cyborg Hounds
  3. Illuminate Outcast

So what is your worst foe?

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Probably Outcasts. Once they get you, you pretty much have no chance and are waiting for death unless someone saves you. lol

Also, Illusionist mind control isn’t bad, but Council Member mind control lasts for absolutely ever, so they’d probably be next. I actually like most of the enemies in this game.

Personally, I love every enemy in HELLDIVERS, besides bug species. But the ones that ruined my runs few times and save in my memory really badly are:

  • Hounds
  • Grotesque
  • Outcasts

But haven’t you encountered multiple impalers - and tentacles everywhere … it is a real mess to clean up … and the death count just goes up and up :wink:

When the hellpod lands - I’m not even able to dive my way out if it is near any tentacles.

But maybe it is just me :thinking:

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Me and @Lein don’t play against bugs, they are way too easy for us. Probably that’s why none of us said anything about Impalers.

That happens to almost to every enemy, though, bad spawn and you can’t get out. Blocked by hordes of enemies.

Ok so bugs are the easiest race to play.

How would you rate the difficulty of the other two?

Depends on the team, hjembaek. Even bugs can be hard if the team doesn’t want to teamwork.
In my opinion:

  • Bugs - Easy/Medium
  • Illuminates - Medium/Hard
  • Cyborgs - Hard
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Yeah, for sure. I can see them being up there. They are pretty bothersome sometimes.

For me its the Hounds.
Followed by the Hulks.

The Hulks dont pose a huge issue, it just riles me up when my recoiless rifle hits his shield and bounces off like a potato xD

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Aw, I love outcasts. They’re one of my favorite enemy units to melee-only kill.

My least favorite enemy has got to be Council Member. Their AoE mind control is so damn annoying. I can handle the orbs and everything else but that wave attack frustrates me endlessly. This is partially because I spend a lot of time close to enemies though


Keep in mind I almost always carry SH-20 with Cardio / Boots…

Bug Scouts and Vanguards. They just keep coming and coming, especially in mixed groups (say, difficulty 9 or so). At some point I’ll slip up and then the big bugs come out. At some point I just get tired of trying to pop all of them. Also the jumpy ones love to land between players and get me TK’ed.

Stalkers, Hounds, Outcasts, Chairpeople etc. don’t really bother me that much (see above, can usually outrun and/or tank it).

Grotesques though… I keep well away and prioritize their disposal over that of other enemies – but like Outcasts they can obliterate any semblance of team cohesion when one sneaks through.

Warlords just suck for me since they lead to people getting shot from offscreen, then someone else runs in to help them and also gets downed, etc etc. Also they take 2 Demolishers to kill quickly, so it’s almost a waste of bombs if multiple drop in one after the other. Not my favorite enemy to fight. It also doesn’t help that they can spawn (almost) on top of Hulks and have a similar silhouette and color scheme from many angles.

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hounds, definitely hounds, everything else I can handle, but the hounds always move in circles around me, which makes it really hard to shoot them with my dual shock twinstick, So alot of times I would actually end up killing an entire swarm of robots, only to be killed in the end by a bunch of dogs.

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Impalers are definitely a difficult adversary. Very often they lurk off screen, thus making it impossible at times to engage anything but the tentacles.
I have never seen a tentacle ignite a mine, and tentacles seem immune to static fields, but they can be forced to temporarily withdraw with accurate small arms fire.
I definitely agree that Impalers cause great chaos and casualties. I don’t remember them killing players who were downed when I first encountered them, but they certainly do now. So if they take you down, best crawl away if possible.
When I can engage the body of the bug, but I’m without anti-tank capabilities, I have ended them with repeated shots to the exposed tongue. I have found the best weapons for this tactic are the Camper and the Paragon, but if you don’t have them, any accurate shooting followed by grenades will at least cause a temporary pause in the tentacle attack, and will often result in a dead Impaler. Of course, after that another often appears…
Fortunately, Impalers are stationary when in attack mode. This makes them vulnerable to a variety of heavy weapons and red strategems, which hopefully someone on your team brought with on the dive.
I can’t say that I find the bugs easy, and in my own play, if I stop taking them seriously, I’ve found myself dead in the middle of a swarm.
One must, I believe, adopt a flexible tactical stance. Design your weapons and strategems according to your adversaries, and always try to play to your strength. No matter what, watch out for those tentacles!

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Only enemies that give me trouble sometimes are well-spaced Hounds since they stunlock you to death if you don’t take them down fast enough, and Illusionists and Council Members because they screw with your controls for a bit. More annoying than anything else, really.

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If looking the game in detail I think that this is one of the most useful skills to master vs cyborg.


Seconding this. IFVs on their own aren’t so bad, but really bad timing for a revive is usually worse than not helping at all. Two birds, one shot.

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Bugs … stalkers, those dudes for some reason can sneak up quickly and take your shield out. Get stuck in static, then get swarmed. Probably the thing that screws up my retaliatory solos the most.

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One of my Worst foes is one of my favorite to kill, Its the Cyborg grotesque . They dont have mercy so I dont have merzy ^^


Yea Grots are on my top 5 list of most infuriating enemies when they spawn just right and slap you to death


My worst foe, is my teammates. no enemies around and a scout pops up? DEAD. they throw the beacon in a bad place? DEAD. i think you get the idea