What number of players do you prefer?

At the moment I personally prefer duo action or solo games .


I’m not sure how I’d rank the other sizes even though I do like them all, but duos are my favorite for sure. I’m not exactly sure what it is about it, but there’s a certain feeling to it being just you and a teammate and no one else. You can get some really nice synergy going with it too.

You can’t be as much of an overwhelming force as a duo as you can be with a full team, and it’s also the hardest team size to get away with individualism. You don’t have three teammates covering for you—you only have one. It works the other way too; you also have to pay attention to your teammate. If you let something happen to him, you’re on your own with no one to cover for you. There is no, “One of the others will help him out.” It’s you or nobody.


In the end I think it depends to the players.In some cases If you want to add to difficulty add more players . Recent games when I hoast i let one player in and then set on private so I can have some time to know him, no matter the lvl ofcourse … Then depends If I have to go work ^^ and how well we are going I let another player in and set on pvt again and so on… found this mechanic to be fun for some time now, gives you time to actually learn from him/them or teach him something.

Yeah. In full team you have more firepower for sure, when duo you can be more tactical , there is nothing better then when you have full tactical team, in which everybody watches their side n knows their place ^^ Not to rare but rare if not set on friends .

I really don’t like the full team size (4) way too much chaos and a lot less teamwork, I don’t like the fight for the IFV kills or Warlords kills, all the 4 players want to kill the same IFV or Warlord, wasting your AT. Also the screen-pull is more often with the big team, teamkills as well.

I prefer duo action, way more tactic and teamwork as well. Also, it’s seems like I care a lot more about my teammate than myself, while with 4 people I don’t even try to risk my life to save someone.
It gets really stressful when your co-op partner is dead and everything depends on you.


There’s a dire lack of couch coop for the PC, I’m still waiting for the genre to explode :)

“Up to 4” is a great model with a rich (probably retconned) backstory. Great because it gives you flexibility, and the game usually adapts to the player count, which I think is cool, so I’m glad Arrowhead use it in almost every game; a game can give completely different experiences in a hectic party of 4, versus a solo against the world, which is vastly different to even 2 people playing together.

I prefer duos and or solo. And it’s really a lot more exciting when you only have Lei – err, your teammate, to depend on and vice versa. Of course, when I have a bunch of friends on, it’s never a compromise to my own enjoyment to invite them for some helldives.

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I prefer duos.

However when you get the odd 4 players - that have never played together and everything just goes smooth as oil and team work is excellent - then I think 4 people is the BEST.


Anything except solo, really. When someone else joins in the game instantly becomes about finding a common groove. I play with randoms pretty much all the time, always have, but I’ll see if there are friends online before starting a solo mission.

Used to host a lot, now I tend to hop in and see what other people are doing and how I can fit into that.

Most days that I log on, I find myself in at least 1-2 great teams for several missions at a time during an extended play session.

Couch co-op all the way as well, of course.


I just enjoy the chance to play. I love that HD can be played fully when the internet is off line, and that local players can also all participate online. This can really enhance communication and involvement, and it is thoroughly unique.
The vast majority of PSN gaming is single player, with online PvP…yawn. HD breaks from this mold…thankfully!
It doesn’t much matter if I play alone, or with multiple players, I can find a mission that will suit. This is soooo unusual, a little creativity is all that’s required.
When playing with others, the most fun is when the players naturally synchronize, mesh, and complement each other. Those are the best games, where running like crazy, shooting with precision, fighting and succeeding all flows together.
Thus, for myself, there is no magic number of players. I like to play, and so any opportunity to play is a good opportunity.

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