What to Expect from Sony's Next-Gen PlayStation


Since Arrowhead is still quiet on their next project (presumably called Testament), I am left to believe they are preparing it as a PS5 launch title.

Today I found an article on wired.com that gives the first public details on What to Expect from Sony’s Next-Gen PlayStation.

Some of the finer details here for those that don’t bother reading the full article

  • CPU 8 Core from AMD’s Ryzen line
  • GPU from Radeon’s Navi family including support for ray tracing (would be first for gaming console)
  • Ray tracing useful for both visual effects and improved audio immersion in 3D gaming worlds
  • The AMD chip will include custom unit for 3D audio.
  • The current PSVR headset is compatible with the new console
  • Included storage will be a very fast SSD (over 15x faster than a market SSD you can put in PS4 Pro)
  • Will support 8K graphics
  • Still supports physical media (game disks aren’t dead)
  • Backward-compatible with PS4

Sounds like something I will be getting at launch. The key being backward-compatible with PS4. I like that it will still support the current PSVR headset, but I would like updated PS Move controllers or just something new fully replacing Move controllers that are more like Oculus or Hive controllers.

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Thanks for this information expecting better graphics.


Personally I am most intrigued by 15x faster loading capability. That has the most potential to improve game designs and gameplay experiences.

I also hope for higher fidelity motion control tracking for PSVR games.


Does it mean we can still play Helldivers in PS5 without any FPS drops with all these hellfire walls anymore and load missions in the blink of an eye speed?!


I haven’t had any FPS drops on PS4 / PS4 Pro, but yeah, I believe PS5 would load faster and perform better, including for PS4 games like Helldivers.

While PS4 games might run better, I think reasonable to expect that PS5 native games will be most impressive in terms of really taking advantage of PS5 hardware capabilities. As in games designed to not even have loading screens.