What was the best suggestion that you've seen implemented?

This would be interesting to hear. What did you enjoy the most? Did you expect it to fit in the Helldivers universe the way it did?


By the time I started playing (Aug. 3, 2017), everything (barring the new Liberty Day content) was already in the game (so I don’t know what was particularly based on suggestions). Based on what I’ve read, and the stuff that I know wasn’t added until later, I’d say Cyborg Hounds would probably be my favorite addition (my favorite enemy). I wouldn’t want to know what it was like before having them now that I’ve experienced them.

Also, Volcano is one of my favorite biomes, so there’s that too.

I love the Volcanic suit as well. I guess the “Turning up the Heat” update really did it for me.


For me, it would be the MC-109 ‘Hammer’ Motorcycle. I know very few people take it seriously, but I have had great success and fun with it. I think it fits in brilliantly within Helldivers universe even as it reminds of something more old school like the WWII motorbikes with the side cars.

Using tank tracks on the side car was an especially nice touch.


Ha, for every one person who loves the hounds I’d say I’ve seen 10 who loathe them :smiley:

That is a sure sign of a good enemy design lol


Haha, yeah, that sounds about right. I think it makes sense though. When it comes to that type of stuff, I generally find that most people don’t like what they don’t know how to combat effectively (and tend to like something if they feel they’re one of a few who do know how).

Indeed, that’s why cyborgs are the most hated enemies by new players. They don’t know how to fight Warlords/Hulks and how to dodge hounds or even how to kill an IFV.

Good point @Lein, the easiest enemy are bugs and most of them don’t require any AT weapon, bugs are easy to kill and relaxing good for “casual” Helldivers.

I love the design of Warlords and Hulks very well made, IFVs are great too, and somehow they tend to be smart enemies unlike bugs.

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HEY! Thats rood


I did first start playing on Vita in late spring 2015, so I did have some experience with Helldivers before the awesome free updates, and the DLC stuff.

With the DLC stuff, I’d say the Guard Dog drone, Stalwart LMG and Demolisher satchel explosives are the best things (for my playstyle) implemented in DLC in response to players’ suggestions (I think they were, at least?).

Honestly I really love that you made them die in one bayonet hit. It makes the cyborgs a joy to fight against when combined with the melee dodge.


the bike is the best vehicle, hands down

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Wait. Did someone say… BIKE? That’s my video cue! :sunglasses:

This works better if you play Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” in the background. And no I don’t mean that lame-o CGI villain in the Justice League movie… :laughing:

P.S. For the record, this is the only time I rode a Hammer cycle without flying off a cliff to my death. :slight_smile:


Certainly my favorite


Ooh, I love that stupid bike which always causes at least two people to fly off a cliff :smiley: Almost never bring it though, as people in general seem very reluctant to play along and go on crazy bike rides :cry:

Hammer is underrated vehicle, but is very good against Squids and very fun too :slight_smile:
Love to use it with friends we laugh a lot too :slight_smile:

Very nice on those maze-like large forest maps, 2 bikes and 4 people going crazy!

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4 Hammers works even better, just make sure to take healing gun and nothing can stop us!

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Hello, YouTube! :sunglasses:

*I’ll never stop pushing for a snowmobile…

You miss having the person shooting like a total badass from the side car though :smiley:

And “accidentally” destroy friend’s hammer?

MG is great, but I mostly use hammer’s wheels to kill most of the enemies especially Illuminates aka Squids.

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