Why I DON'T USE RUMBLER and Why It Should Be Nerfed

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This is the best Helldivers-related argument I’ve seen in a while. I’ve found myself over-using the rumbler lately, and even giving in to using the Trident sometimes. Please nerf em both, Arrowhead, and force me to “git gud,”!

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I totally understand the desire to nerf the rumbler (and the trident why is it’s range so great!) the thing is it is a lot of fun for some players to use and it is there for them to enjoy.

I find it makes the game very boring to play in but the solution is to host and kick if somebody is ruining your fun right? Otherwise we need to nerf the static field, the rain gun, the tox as well! Just listing some of the other things that can make the game dull for me when I enjoy the challenge of dealing with the enemies.

I once did the cyborg boss with just the constitution (mostly melee) and it a was a lot of fun for us. When I ask a friend if they want to do it on another occasion they responded by saying they “didn’t want to use a pen-knife to chip away at his health.” It wasn’t for them and that’s ok.