Wishes and dreams

Keep in mind this is an idea. What I would find fun as a little customization is voice type including Russian, English(UK) and English(USA🇺🇸) just for the soul fact super earth is united there should be differences in where there from. another thing im not a fan of the cape so maybe have an option to not have one instead there’s back armor or backpack. Power suit smaller than a Mec it’s more agile and you don’t step on fellow helldivers (srry Jim). Gunner support the drop ship circles over head with a mounted mg that helps us out. I’m only saying this becuase it’s kinda annoying but you own screen not a shared one. New mission types such as evacuation you evacuate a small colony. New faction Rebels they are ex helldivers, also be able to play as them. More customization (outfits) such as old gen, like hazard, and assault more older looking armors to really make you feel like a veteran more modern types and maybe a look in the future at what’s to come. New dlc update like democracy strikes back like thoughs, this one would be called torn earth. New weapons and modifications
bulkward: heavy assault rifle big ammo big gun big damage. Mods extended mag, hell round armor piercing explosive rounds.
Freedom: small handheld mini gun, ammo pack on back connected to gun and show just how free you are.
Rebel weapons ( rebels would be able to use same weapons just a little un patriotic)
Rk (rebel kalshnikov) as it sounds get creative
Stalinator: future version of the ppsh same as the RK get creative.
That’s all I can think of right now. Keep in mind these are my ideas that I thought of, all of these while I would love them in game are not in it. I’d love to hear your OPINIONS and your ideas.

Oh ya don’t forget I typed this as it came to mind so please I’m sorry if you get confused

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Moved your topic to the "Suggestions"

However Helldivers is finished and it will most likely be as it is, no big changes or even small ones. I suspect we are getting the last update on October 26th and Helldivers will not be updated anymore, ever.

Just don’t raise your hopes or you will get disappointed!

Oh no I won’t be disappointed at all that’s why I named it wishes and dreams I don’t expect the game to be giving us anymore content until liberty day. Until that day I can only wish

Note that Arrowhead’s secret new game is probably years away. So you may as well suggest what you’d like to see in THAT game since it’s always possible they may take some of our input into account on that.

Even if their motto is “a game for everyone is a game for no one,” I don’t think that means “we don’t care what you say you want in a game.” :slight_smile:

I did a thread on that topic that went nowhere yet, but maybe some day someone will chime in other than me: