Would anyone like a new Turret?

Putting this out as a question to the community, what type of turret would you like to see added to the game?
Of course, this assumes that a new turret is something desired, however for my part, I could easily imagine two new turret types.
First would be the Flamethrower. Personally, I think this could be tons of fun. It should have similar health to the Minigun turret, and be powerful enough to worry larger enemies. Shooting out jets of flame, would be a visual treat during night missions.
Second, the plasma turret. For once, a turret with the Illuminates in mind, it would have it’s own shield. The Scorcher turret will focus on enemies, and has the potency to fry circuits and end Illusionist dreams of glory.
Just a couple thoughts for adding some competition to the Red Strategem Express.

Hmmm, I think a form of energy turret is needed, Explosive Plasma bolts or a Laser based turret.
Just to mix up the projectile based turrets.

Or how about a Shield Turret? :wink:
Produces a small bubble shield that negates ranged attacks, but will collapse to recharge if it takes sustained damage.

A turret with option to control it may be fun.

AT-47 says hi.

Flame and laser turrets sound like a ton of fun, but plasma turrets are iffy at best. They’ll play like a grenade turret without the blind zone but they’ll likely destroy themselves vs close targets. Wonder what the upgrades would be…

I know that ^^. What I thought is a bullet/laser/electric/toxic/plasma type turret that is controllable, not to be overpowered of course …

I don’t use turrets at all, only tesla sometimes to defend obj, but when I see one I try to be close to it as possible or hide behind something if deployed wrongly.

Speaking personally, I’m quite fond of turrets. I don’t use them at all against Illuminates, but against Bugs and 'Borgs they can be an ally.
I’d like to take them with against the Illuminates, but they have such a limited life expectancy that they are best replaced with more useful choices.
A plasma turret can easily work, like the launcher, by holding fire when targets are within splash damage distance, if the shield has collapsed. However, there is no problem with proximity damage while the happy bubble hums.
The Laser turret is also a natural for HD. Anyway, hopefully someone is listening, Liberty Day isn’t all that far away.

How about a turret that shoots out tiny turrets? :thinking::crazy_face: